Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell TV, Hello Cozy Nook

I  was very happy with the way most of our bedroom looked. I love the wall color, the painted headboard project turned out wonderful, and I liked our bedding and pillows.

kitchen2 013

I also adore my loooooong, new IKEA curtains.

kitchen2 016

Then there was this corner. Not so lovely. First there was the dated dresser. Then the monster of a TV complete with various electronic acessories. We don't have cable or satellite so we had cords running up to the big rabbit ears antenna in the window. Nice and classy.
bedroom 004

Since we don't really watch much TV, it was easy to banish it from the bedroom. We didn't really need the dresser since we have another dresser and a walk-in closet big enough for our clothes. So those items were given away.

I had this chair hanging around. My mother-in-law gave it to us several years ago and I kept meaning to paint it so finally I broke out the spray paint. Trusty old Heirloom White paint.

paint 013

Now the corner looks like this. (No good room is complete without a cat of course.)

bedroom 011

The ottoman is from Target. I posted a couple weeks ago about the picture frames I found for $1 and dressed up with some ribbon. The star I picked up at Goodwill for $1. The small mason jar I found at a thrift store for $1.99. I filled it with some grass and flowers clipped from my yard.  The "Jardin" and the striped box I bought at Michael's awhile ago.  The pillow is one I had bought a few years ago from Old Time Pottery for $3. I covered it with some pretty fabric. The fabric is currently wrapped around the pillow and held together with safety pins since I don't sew. Hopefully my awesome MIL will take pity on me and sew another pillowcase for me. (She did a wonderful job on these other pillows.)

bedroom 017

I cut out a flourish stencil using my Cricut and the Storybook cartridge and used the stencil to paint a little design on the back of the chair. I also did some distressing using sandpaper to let the original wood and black finish peek through.
bedroom 024

bedroom 025

The transformation could not be complete without some assistance from my kitty helper. She did a very good job of pulling the grass out of the jar and dragging it around.

bedroom 014

I will once again be linking up to all the fun DIY and transformation parties on the following wonderful blogs:



  1. Very nice transformation. I love how that chair turned out. The colors are very serene and crisp. Well done.

  2. Very nice! So much prettier to look at than the tv. And you cat seems to love it! :)

  3. Great job! I love the colors of your room. So peaceful.

  4. I adore you whole room! It looks so peaceful and pleasing. That chair is a keeper too...good work. :)

    Happy Met Monday!

  5. Coming along nicely, I love your colors and I think your kitty loves your style !

  6. This is very chic! We removed the TV from our room too but I just put some boring old drawers in its place. I like the idea of a chair. Thanks! Best wishes, NM.

  7. I am so glad to see this post! I am about to tackle my first chair redo!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. my cat would do the exact same thing! :)
    loving the room, it looks very tranquil.

  9. What a cozy nook. I love that you distressed the chair and added the stencil. Great job!

  10. I love it! Very pretty. I can't wait to have a cute little reading nook in my bedroom. :)

  11. Looks great! I love the stencil on the back of the chair. The "little" things can really add alot can't they?!

  12. You're going to hate me:
    I can't believe you painted that chair

    Your Ikea drapes are lovely in the room
    and the wall color is very soothing

    ...see, I'm not all bad

  13. I did debate a little on painting the chair, but it just wasn't working with the colors of the room and I don't have anywhere else to put it.

    I forgot to mention that I didn't sand or prime, just sprayed the paint right on.


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