Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Thrifty Finds-And a New Desk Chair!!!

I have been hitting Goodwill quite a bit lately and I stopped by again Friday night on my way home from work to see if there were any goodies. I did pick up a couple little things there. I found another glass vase goblet thing to match with the one I bought there last week. I also picked up this small mirror. The vase has already become part of my dining room centerpiece (photos to follow later this week.) I haven't decided on what to do with the mirror just yet, but I thought it was cute.

giantcity 048

The big score of the weekend was a new chair for my desk. Do you want to see what my old chair looked like? (Cue scary music, da da daaaaa)

giantcity 042

Hubby fixed up the tear in the seat with some black duct tape which looked a little better than the regular gray kind. Duct tape doesn't quite say "cozy, happy, Better Homes and Gardens wannabe home" though. I was getting a little tired of having duct tape stick to my booty ever time I got up from the chair. The stuffing was starting to peek out.  Not a pretty sight. I lived with it like this for over 2 years.

giantcity 043

Then I happened to go to Garden Ridge Saturday night to return some curtains. I just had to browse around the store because sometimes they have some great clearance items like the ones I posted here. Garden Ridge did not disappoint me. They had a section of furniture on clearance for 75% off. I found this pretty little dining room chair marked down to $20. Isn't she lovely (or loverly as some in blogland would say?)

giantcity 037

Yep, total loverly. The back and legs are a dark wood although they look almost black in the photos.

giantcity 040

I'm happily sitting in my new chair as I type. So much better! Now I just need to make a skirt or something for the desk to hide all the cords and ugliness under the desk while still allowing my desk legs to show.

giantcity 038


  1. SO cute! The chair is definitely the perfect replacement:)

  2. Yep, your chair with the duct tape was definitely scary! Ha ha. Love the new chair! What a great find!! Enjoy not having duct tape stick to your bottom! :) Beth.

  3. I love your new chair! We have also lived with the duct taped chairs at times.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I love your goblet and the chair looks beautiful. I love black!

  5. thanks so much for the tip on painting a new refrigerator!!! that definitely opens up my options!

  6. You totally could have reupholstered the ugly black chair with something beautiful!


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