Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Foliage Tour

This past week or so the leaves finally started to change into brillant shades of yellow and red. The hubby and I decided to take a drive this past weekend and enjoy some of the beautiful fall scenery. We drove down to visit several state parks in southern Missouri. Our first stop was Elephant Rocks State Park. The park gets it's name from the huge granite boulders that are strewn about. They are indeed "elephant sized" rocks. We walked along the trails amid the changing leaves.

falltrip2009 028

The park contains the ruins of an 1890s engine house. The railroad used to connect here when granite was quarried here. The walls of the engine house remain along with a section of abandoned railroad track.

falltrip2009 006

Some of the elephant rocks. These huge granite boulders are all over the park.

falltrip2009 021

The old granite quarry, now filled up as a lake.
falltrip2009 034

After our hike through the giant rocks, we headed on to Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park. This park suffered great destruction a few years ago when the wall of a large water resevoir was breached. A 20-ft wall of water was sent down through the park.They have rebuilt and cleaned up most of the park, but some trails are still closed and construction continues to rebuild the upper resevoir. The resevoir is used to generate power.
falltrip2009 047

The final state park we visited on our fall colors drive was Taum Sauk State Park. We didn't do any hiking at this park. We simply drove around and stopped at the overlook located by the highest point in the state.
falltrip2009 064

falltrip2009 063

It really starts to feel like fall when the leaves are bursting with color. I love driving along the country backroads to see all the various shades and signs of autumn Are the leaves changing where you live yet or have they already turned? I hope you enjoyed this little tour through the changing colors of the Midwest.


  1. I did enjoy the tour, thank you! :) I have never been to the midwest. It looks like a beautiful place! I'm afraid that if I left the West Coast, I would never want to come back!

    We had a big wind storm blow in this weekend, and all of the leaves were blown off of the trees. Our chances for viewing fall leaves are almost over. Soon the cold of winter will be setting in. Have a great day!! Beth.

  2. beautiful! our leaf season is just winding down here in upstate ny, but there is still a lot of gold and rust left, which is a lovely combo! we took a drive up the lake (cayuga) yesterday to have lunch at one of our favorite places and take the dog for a walk along the lake, and it was just gorgeous.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. You are simply amazing! I found your link through A Soft Place to Land last week and have been addicted to your site ever since. Hard to believe that so many different and absolutely wonderful blogs link up in one place every week.

    I have so much to learn. :)


  4. Ugh, I had to edit my post to say "southern Missouri instead of Illinois." Sorry about that. Elephant Rocks, Taum Sauk, and Johnson's Shut-Ins are in Missouri, not Illinois as I originally posted. I went hiking the previous weekend in southern Illinois and posted the wrong state.


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