Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ten Tasks in Ten Days Challenge

There is a challenge posted on the Shabby Chic Cottage. The goal? To finish 10 projects in 10 days. It can be anything that you have been putting off or something you started and never finished. I can easily come up with 100 projects I want to do, but can I actually get 10 things done in 10 days?

Here's my list:

1. Paint ugly corkboards for home office.
2. Hang curtains in office.
3. Return 2 sets of curtains I bought and didn't like for office.
4. Put shade on new lamp and move into office.
5. Hang shelves in office.
6. Put pictures and other knick-knacks on shelves in office.
7. Hang paintings and/or photos on office walls.
8. Paint chair in bedroom.
9. Make cute sign to hang in laundry room.
10. Clean out closet in scrapbook room. This is the scariest one.

If you want to join in the stress and craziness fun just head on over to The Shabby Chic Cottage.  Please don't hold me responsible if you come up with a huge list and become overwhelmed and accomplish nothing. Even if you can cross one simple thing off your list, you have made a difference in making your house a home and conquering procrastination.


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