Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ten Tasks in Ten Days Results

It's Thursday and it's time for the reveal of the Ten Tasks in Ten Days Challenge from The Shabby Chic Cottage! I managed to finish most of the items on my list and I'm very happy to share the results.

Here's my list and what I've accomplished.

1. Paint ugly corkboards for home office.   Done, see results here!
2. Hang curtains in office.   Done, see curtains here!
3. Return 2 sets of curtains I bought and didn't like for office.   I have returned one set of the two.
4. Put shade on new lamp and move into office.   Done, although I switched lamps around a bit, see here.
5. Hang shelves in office.   Done, see shelves here!
6. Put pictures and other knick-knacks on shelves in office.   Somewhat done, I'm still working on this.
7. Hang paintings and/or photos on office walls.   Ummm, haven't started on that one yet.
8. Paint chair in bedroom.   Done! I have not posted this one yet, but I will next week.
9. Make cute sign to hang in laundry room.   Haven't started on that one, not sure when I'll do this task.
10. Clean out closet in scrapbook room.   This is the scariest one. I'm currently working on this one. It's amazing how much junk you can stuff into a small bedroom closet.

Now I have to come up with 5 more tasks for the next challenge. That shouldn't be difficult as there are always things to do!


  1. Great job - GO GIRL!! doesn't it feel good to mark things off our to-do lists! But we keep adding more & more & more.....

  2. I love your list, what great things you have done. Congrats!

    P.S. I also like the color of your blog, pretty.

  3. BUSY and productive! way to go!! By the way, I LOVE your blog background and colors!


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