Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Thrifty Finds

My plan on Saturday morning was to drop off some things at Goodwill and try not to to buy too many things. Well I didn't buy as much stuff as I got rid of, but I did come across a few bargains I couldn't resist snapping up.

First, I found this set of three baskets at Goodwill for $4.93. (Why not just price them at $5??? I'm not sure why they priced them that way but I guess I saved an extra 7 cents.) They had two sets of them and they look brand new. I now wish I had picked up the other set since I've already found a use for the first three baskets and finding cheap rectangular baskets can be difficult. I might end up painting them or stenciling something on them. Someday.

desk 081

I didn't pick up much else at Goodwill except some shirts for the hubby. I found him a couple Dockers shirts for $3 each. I find soooo many name brand shirts for him at Goodwill that are in perfect shape. Now I wish I could have as much luck finding nice clothes for myself there. I guess men don't shop there as much so there are always nice shirts to buy from Dockers, Ralph Lauren, LL Bean, etc.

The second big thrifty find of the weekend was this lamp at Target. I needed a new lamp and this one was cheaper than many of the lamps at Goodwill! The base was originally $39.99 on clearance for $14.99. The shade was normally $19.99, but reduced to $4.99. The fabric has a pretty and delicate sparkle to it. So the total set cost me $20 instead of the original $60. I loooove it.

desk 076

desk 077

My final find of the weekend was at Wal-Mart. I always check out the clearance aisle for any good bargains. I had to laugh at some of the clearance prices. They has a vacuum on clearance for something like $142.50 when the regular price was $143. Why bother putting something on clearance for 50 cents less? However, I did manage one find. I spotted this pretty picture frame for only $2.50.

desk 078

Anyone else have any fun weekend bargains to share?

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  1. You scored some great deals. I have the same issue, trying to down size, clear out the clutter and reorganize without adding more to the mess. The baskets are amazing, I always do that, buy one and not the other and kick myself later. Can't wait to see if you give them a face lift! Love Love, LOVE the lamp! What a frugal score.


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