Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now, the Blue Is Gone

I used to have this set of dark blue canisters for storing flour, sugar, etc. They look black in this photo, but they were really a dark blue. (This photo is from when I was trying to pick a paint color for the kitchen if you are wondering about the funny paint on the wall. You can read about that drama here.) We got them as a wedding gift and they were from back when I had a blue and yellow kitchen. Well, I've been over the dark blue for awhile now and I had been keeping an eye out for some clear containers to use instead.

kitchen 011

I just happened to have a Macy's giftcard leftover from Christmas. I don't really like Macy's all that much(too pricey) so I don't really shop there very often. That's why I had a giftcard for 9 months and had yet to spend it all. I decided the other day to finally use it up and just buy something. I browsed the kitchen area for awhile and looked at all the cute, but expensive Martha Stewart kitchen gadgets. Just when I was about to leave, I spotted a set of clear storage containers. The price was only $24.99 so I went ahead and bought them with the giftcard.

I love how they look. So airy and open. I also like how I can put the scoop spoons inside the jar. With the old containers I had to store the spoons on the outside of the jars so I always had to wash them after using them.  Pretty, free containers=extra kitchen happiness. And I still have $6 left on the giftcard.

desk 080

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  1. I love the new canisters! I've been wanting to change to clear canisters, too, and haven't done it yet. They look great!! :)


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