Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Decorating Dilemmas Party

I saw that there is a Decorating Dilemmas party going on at Serenity Now. I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to hear other people chime in with ideas and tips on what to do with one of my spaces. There are so many talented and creative people out there in blogland that it will be fun to help each other out. Head on over and check out the party.

Soooo, here's my decorating problem. The kitchen. I'm a little stuck right now because I really want to paint the cabinets, but we might be moving next year. Or at least hubby is getting anxious for a bigger garage. (Which would mean more room for home improvement tools, spray paint cans, misc. yard sale finds, ok it's not all bad.) So I'm a little skeered of freaking out potential buyers if my paint job ends up less than stellar. I might go ahead and do it anyway because the oakey orangey cabinets are starting to close in on me and I want white cabinets. (Hubby's not so convinced, he hates all the white in the house because it shows his dirty fingerprints.)

Anyways, after a recent paint job ,new light fixture, artwork, and curtains the kitchen is looking a bit better.

kitchen2 004

Now what do I do with that blank wall there? I was going to hang a couple long shelves there to display plates and other junk  well planned accessories, but hubby is afraid they will be in the way and stuff will get knocked over and broke and he will have a weepy wifey. I've also thought about hanging this star plaque thing with hooks I bought at Goodwill and hanging stuff from the hooks. I could also do some framed photos from our vacation of various scenery.

The curtain over the doorway on the right covers the laundry room door. That is where our cats litterbox is, so I can't shut the door. I would like to get a different curtain for there though. Something much prettier.

kitchen 028

Another challenge in this room is what to do with the table. I've debating staining the top darker and painting the chairs and legs white. Or just painting the whole thing white and the chairs green. Or staining the whole table darker and painting the chairs white. So many choices. It's hard too because you can see our dining room from the kitchen and the table there is much darker.

kitchen 042

I would love the oak to be gone and some nice beadboard to wrap around the bottom of those cabinets.
kitchen 043

Any thoughts?


  1. I really like your new light fixture, and the paint color on the walls too!
    I painted my oak color cabinets back in June, and I do not miss them at all! I think painted cabinets are really popular right now, so I do not think it would effect you selling your house. I painted my cabinets an off white color and so far I have had no problems with keeping them clean or even the paint chipping off - and I did not even use primer - I used a paint that claimed to be paint / primer in one and painted 2 coats, so far it seems to be holding up great. If you want to see pictures of my kitchen on my blog click on the label 'kitchen' and you should find the pictures there.
    In my kitchen I also painted my chairs black - they are the same style as your kitchen chairs. Maybe if you painted those chairs black they would co-ordinate better with your dining chairs too. I really like the curtains and other white accessories you have so far!

  2. I think you are on the right track with the black and green in your family room...I would continue...paint the cabinets black...looks fabulous against green and yellow (or is it gold) I would also go bolder with window treatments...say a sophisticated black print with some burnt orange,deep olive green and gold in it...Then I think you can get away with the two tables in site of each other..Dining room needs a good mirror...get rid of plant and small item on wall..and in the kitchen, some bold framed artwork mirroring each other ...say black frames....Laundryroom door...curtain...goes...try rehanging the door with hinges on the other it can be left ajar but you don't see into the room...I did this worked beautifully...
    I know you are going to be shocked at my suggestions...most people make timid changes...I say go for will be beautiful
    Oh and maybe some nice pottery piece on the dining room table...

  3. Good evening. :) Thanks for linking up (if you have a chance to edit the link to go directly to the party instead of my homepage, that would be great)

    I love your curtains, and I think the table would be great with a dark stained top and white legs. :)

    Yes to the beadboard on the bottom of the cabinets...would look great. And add two black stools at the counter.

    I liked your star hangy could hang a few small square picture frames from ribbons. Then add a few plates and/or a platter to get away from all the squares. :)

    You have a great open space.

    Hope you're having fun mingling! :)

  4. I think the kitchen table could be really nice looking with a darker top and then white on chairs and legs - a neat contrast with the dining room table. Maybe even the same top color stain for the tables, and then white where it's black for the dining area. If you paint the cabinets white, add white beadboard on the backs, then pick a bold yellow and white fabric that has the same color as the kitchen walls for the laundry room door. I love the color in your kitchen!

  5. Hi I'm visiting from Amanda's blog. I love your wall color but do agree that the cabinets should be lightened, easiest way would of course be paint but I think beadboard would look fantastic! As far as the curtain goes I'd say to chose a solid color that would accent your walls & the kitchen table set would look nice in a darker satin perhaps wth a trim color of what ever you decide for your cabinets. Hope that helps! Take care.

  6. Hi! Just visiting. I love the color you have painted. I think the kitchen window could use a treatment. Check out Nester's window mistreatments. They are the best! Also I would def paint the table. If it were me I would paint it white but distress it and run a dark stain over the distressed areas.

  7. I like the curtains and the tin tiles (I think I need some of these!). I really like the idea of painting the cabinets nad adding beadboard wallpaper around the island, but I hesitate to reccomend this if you may be moving soon. If it turns out well (and I think it would!) I think it would be an asset!

  8. First of all I want to let you know that I love the color on the walls and the curtains. Together they look so crisp and fresh - Love it.

    For the long wall you could add a picture ledge instead of a shelf. I have some hanging in my dining room much like your room(the table is really close to the wall). It is 2 1/2 inchs wide and just enough room to place plates, photos, candles, etc. I love it and have never had anything fall or get bumped off. Even with little kids semi-hanging on it from time to time.

    As for the table I am thinking either black or white - both would pop against your wall color(if you do paint your cabients I would go with black for a great contrast)

    Hope that helps.

  9. Thanks for all the great ideas! I would like the cabinets to be white, although I am a little worried how they will look against the off-white tile floor. The white countertops will be getting changed so they will be a darker color eventually.

  10. I agree, I think white cabinets might look weird with off white flooring. Needs some contrast. An idea for the wall would be to paint a canvas or put fabric over canvas. Really easy and cheap. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  11. I would paint the cabinets a dark brown color and paint the table the same color. It'll help tie them in together since you can see one from the other space.

    I would put the cat box hider curtain up higher. Like as high as your window curtains and I'd make them both out of the same fabric.

    Paint the chairs to match something else in your house. You could do the table top dark brown to match the cabinets and then to the table legs + chairs in a matching color


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