Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kitchen Revealed

I'm making this post my project for DIY Day on A Soft Place to Land and the Transformation Thursday party on The Shabby Chic Cottage Head on over and check out all the fantastic projects, crafts, and more on both wonderful blogs.


After teasing everyone Monday with the sneak peaks of the color I painted my kitchen, here is the promised reveal of the new paint job:

kitchen 031

Again the color is Glidden's Whispering Wheat. I did the whole kitchen with one gallon of $20 paint. I had a giftcard so the project was almost free. I say almost because I happened to find this chandelier at Home Depot that was only $65. Hubby was nice enough to install it for me although there was some grumbling involved because nothing is ever as easy to install as it seems. It all worked out though and I love the color of the fixture and warm glow it casts on the room.

kitchen 032

Even Emma enjoys the new color. Only one cat walked through the paint this time. Luckily, kitty paint prints come off of tile easily.

kitchen 024

And here's one more before shot with the yellow paint and boring light:

And the more neutral and fresher after:

kitchen 028

Now I just need to figure out what to do about curtains. I'm not sure whether to do just add valances or roman shade style curtains or to add long curtains like I had before. I'm not crazy about the blinds, but they are the wooden kind and are in every window of the house. I will be fixing the one slat on the left that is broken. I need to replace the curtain that covers the door to the laundry room on the right. We can't shut the door because the litter box is there so I need something to cover it. I may look for a pretty fabric shower curtain to hang there. I also need to decide what I want to hang on the walls.

kitchen 043

My living room and dining room look really dark here, sorry for the bad photos.

kitchen 040

To see my craziness with the paint samples I used to pick the color for the room, read this post.


  1. It looks great, the light fixture is a big improvement. Good job!

  2. I think the new color is lovely...great choice! About the windows...I think they need some texture. What about some bamboo shades? They'd look great alone or even better with some simple panels. Just a thought.

    Good luck ~ Amanda

  3. I would love bamboo blinds there instead, but we have those white plantation blinds in every window of the house including the rooms that are open to the kitchen so I wasn't sure if they should match.

  4. I'm with Amanda! The bamboo shades would look awesome with some curtains hung high. I have the white wood blinds in my house and I put matchstick ones on our back door and they don't look out of place at all.

  5. Turned out great! I cant wait to be able to paint my walls! What great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!Come check out my TRANSOFORMATION end table at DIY DAY!

  6. Great transformation-it looks so warm. I like the idea of texture too for the windows!
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Looking good! Can't wait to see more!

  8. I'm also not a fan of blinds. At our latest apartment they weren't installed correctly and I'm always in fear of them crashing down on our dog.
    I love curtains and plan on purchasing some for our gathering room next week.
    I love the paint color you used and your new ceiling light.

  9. OMG! That is beautiful!! I just went through the pain of trying to find the perfect color for my living room and after many many samples and swatches, I decided on Whispering Wheat by Glidden. From what I can seem it will be the perfect tone of gold/tan I am looking for. Your kitchen looks GREAT!! I'm glad I did a search on the internet for pics -- your photos made my decision! Thank you!!

  10. I just painted kitchen Whispering Wheat. Going crazy trying to decide on white for cabinets. White? Ivory? Cream? Any thoughts are appreciated. I chose Glidden's Crisp Linen White, but can change

  11. Not sure first comment went through. Just chose same paint, althought GC made it a little lighter. Need to choose white for cabinets.White? Ivory ? Cream? Thoughts are appreciated! Thank you!

  12. I just painted a small sitting room in my house with Whispering Wheat. The room houses a couch and coffee table, a very large bookcase, and a smaller bookcase. The room is typical new construction, with white trim and a white panelled door. There is one large 12 pane window (typical New England-style) in it, which overlooks the woods. So, it's a traditional-style room.

    For some reason after I paint a room, I like to google and see what I can find for images of the paint color in a room, and compare it to my room. This is how I stumbled upon your blog... not sure if you are still reading comments on this entry. Anyway, I love the color in your kitchen. Like your kitchen before the paint job, my kitchen (several rooms away from the sitting room) is yellow. It's actually a shade that I carefully selected - more a creamy honey yellow than a lemon yellow. I thought it looked great in there UNTIL I painted my other room Whispering Wheat. The wheat shade would have been perfect for the kitchen! It's quite similar to the yellow but more neutral and less taste-specific (a plus if we try to sell our house.) Now I am wondering if I can get up the energy to re-paint the kitchen. This is doubtful, since it's a pretty complicated job, with the cabinets and multiple doors and windows. But, I have to say the wheat shade is really a perfect neutral that still has some cheer to it.

    Anonymous - it's doubtful you'll see this, but I would say to go with a bright white cabinet. I usually really like cream or ivory, but white really pops against this color. I have cream-colored carpeting in the room I just painted (will be removing it for wood at some point) and I'm not thrilled with it in combination with the wheat. Of course the bright white baseboard separates the two colors, and I plan to put down a red-toned oriental rug to cover much of the carpeting. In any case, red also goes VERY well with the wheat color. It's a very sophisticated combinated.

  13. P.S. I really love your light fixture and plan to get something similar for the dining area in my kitchen. I have a very similar fixture in one of my bathrooms - same oil-rubbed bronze tone, same glass globes, but it is a vanity light (three upside-down globes in a row - picture the "arms" of the chandelier inverted) rather than a chandelier-style light.

  14. Just painted our renovated guest bedrom whispering wheat and I just love the color. We have an 1800s home and the walls are cracked plater and lath. Repaired the walls and added a 'lace' texture prior to painting. Whispering Wheat is such a warm color. We white semi-gloss on the ceiling trim. Amazingly, the styrofoam tram looks just like wood and was so easy to put up, along with the corner blocks. Just a wonderful bedroom now.


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