Monday, July 13, 2009

Stars and Stripes Forever

Well, stripes anyways. I've noticed that painting vertical or horizontal stripes seems to be a hot trend these days. I see it all over online and on HGTV. Horizontal stripes help stretch a room and can make a small space feel much larger whether the stripes go all the way floor to ceiling or just one or two stripes in the middle. Vertical stripes can also add visual interest and make a room feel more cozy. Even a floor can be painted with stripes to jazz it up a bit. Here are some examples of some wonderful spaces that have been livened up with stripes.

This one is a really fun space with all the different colors. The furniture and curtains are kept more neutral so as not to compete and clash with the walls.

Remodeling Center

Even a piece of furniture can get on in the striping action to add some drama to a space.

Country Living

How lovely are these contrasting stripes. Some are bold, some more subtle tone on tone.

Country Living

Country Living

"]House Beautiful

And how about some nice horizontal stripes to enlarge these bathrooms.

Coastal Living

You can visit Young House Love for a tutorial on how to paint stripes like the room below. (This is the blog formally known as This Young House, shhh don't say that out loud or they might get in trouble. Head on over to their site if you don't know the story yet)

Young House Love

The creative youngsters at Young House Love also did this wonderful porch transformation with stripes. While time consuming, the end result is amazing.

Young House Love

And finally if you have a wood floor that's seen better days and can't be refinished, why not paint it with some gorgeous stripes like the room below.

My Home Ideas

I don't have any rooms I'm planning to paint stripes in right now, but it's something I have considered trying whenever we get around to makeover our office space.


  1. I love the yellow/white striped bathroom from House Beautiful. I have that saved in my bathroom inspiration folder. I think the floor is a nice way to incorporate stripes, too, because it can be more subtle.

  2. Nice post. Yep stripes are all over the place. I give credit to Vern Yip for the craze. I've seen him do it several times on HGTV.

    I find the Coastal Living stripes to be really dreamy.


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