Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday-Wedding Party & Flowers

It's Friday and that means the next segment of "Show us Your Life" on Kelly's Korner. This week's topic is to share your wedding ceremony photos showing the wedding, wedding party, and flowers.

First my bouquet. It was made of two dozen lavendar and white roses with baby's breath. After freaking out about other florists' prices, I found a shop that made my bouquet for only $65. Bridesmaids bouquets were similar but with only one dozen roses and they were only $35.

Picture 992

Picture 356

Instead of pew bows, I took small metal buckets I bought at Wal-Mart for $1 and spray painted them white. I added some silk hydrageas and pearls and suspended them from the pews with ribbon. It was a Martha Stewart idea. (This is a bad photo scan, but you get the idea.)

Picture 1085

And finally the ceremony shot. I don't remember what all songs we had, but I have the CD still of the music. We did a unity candle and the blessing of the hands reading. I didn't want an aisle runner because I thought I might trip, but now I wish I had one. We were married at our church.

Picture 1012

Here we are leaving the church with bubbles everywhere.

Picture 1011

And a shot from the back. Our photographer had an assitant who took photos too so we have shots from the front and the back.

Picture 1002

Finally a shot of the whole crew. This is my stepdad's truck. I believe it is a 1941 Plymouth. We had posing for photos by it.

Picture 1416


  1. Your last photo in particular is absolutely stunning! I am always so wistful towards those types of photos. You looked beautiful...thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a similar photo from my wedding of my eyes behind the bouquet. Very beautiful!!

  3. Eeee! I love the bubbles! What a great idea!



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