Monday, July 20, 2009

Thrifty Finds

While I spent a big chunk of the weekend setting up my blog on blogger(which was a pain and all my photo captions are messed up, I lost all the pages I had on Wordpress, etc.) I did find some time for a quick shopping trip. I'm trying not to buy much since we are going to Chicago soon for some IKEA goodies, but I found a few things in my shopping excursion that didn't break the bank.

My two favorite finds were at Hobby Lobby. I hadn't been there in ages and they had a clearance section of home decor items for 90% off.
I snagged this fun little key in a frame for only $2. It's funny because I just posted a photo I loved from the Pottery Barn website of vintage keys hanging on the wall and then I found this one.

I also found this neat candleholder that was also only $2

And finally I made a trip to Goodwill as well. I don't normally find much at our Goodwill and most of the household goods are too pricey for a thrift store, but I snagged this cute tiered basket. It still had the tag on it from Target.

Now I have to yell at Blogger for sticking all the photos I upload at the top of the post and not where my cursor is and for not allowing me to edit the photos once I upload them. That's too points for Wordpress and two strikes for Blogger. If only the free version of Wordpress allowed more customization and editing of templates and widgets, I would never have left. But I'm getting the hang of it although I miss the clean, professional look of Wordpress. I do have my very first followers though, thanks ladies! Wordpress didn't have this feature so that's one point for Blogger.


  1. It does drive me absolutely crazy how it does that with my photos! If you ever figure out a way around that, please post it! =) Welcome to blogger!

  2. That key is SO neat and what a great price for it!!! I miss Hobby Lobby! I love that tiered basket! I've actually been wanting something like that for awhile now. I need to start hunting thrift stores!

  3. I do agree, it drives me crazy too! I love the key frame, I love hobby lobby clearance! I also love love love that tiered basket!!!

    Thanks for stoppin by my blog!!

  4. I am DYING over that key frame - for 2 BUCKS?!? I need to get to my Hobby Lobby, you never know what you're going to find! Totally going to stop by there this weekend. Love it!

  5. I love great finds at Hobby lobby!

  6. Great stuff, I "heart" that tiered basket! Love your blog, good luck with blogger, you'll get used to it! ;)

  7. I really wish that we had a Hobby Lobby because you struck gold!

    By the way, I use Windows Live Writer, a free program, to do my blogger posts. It allows so much freedom that I don't know how I ever lived without it:) It takes a minute to get the hang of it, but try it out.

  8. Wow! Great finds! I love a good deal! I just started a blog! I use blogger too! I know, you do have to move the pix where you want them! I am getting the hang of it but I do not know any different either! Good luck!

  9. Great finds! I LOVE the key.

  10. I download all my pictures first in the order that I want them to show up,( last ones first if your using the old format) then write my post around them


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