Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekend Projects Part 1

Right after I posted this on Wednesday, I read about the DIY party on A Soft Place to Land. So I'm ready to join in with this post and a couple others of various weekend projects I had going on.

I had several projects over the long weekend to spruce up and decorate the house. The biggest project was painting our headboard. Our headboard is a hand me down we've had since we got married. Here's the blah wood before shot:


Then after applying a coat of good old Kilz oil based primer and two coats of Behr touch of cream laytex paint I moved the new headboard back inside to show off it's transformation. I also added our new Shabby Chic bedding from Target, a bit of a splurge (anything over $20 is usually a splurge to me though), but our old bedspread was falling apart and had so many rips in it from kitty claws. So with all that here's the cottage look after:

Even the dresser got a little facelift. I added some new handles from Target ($9.99 for a pack of six.) I'm still contemplating painting it as well. Maybe a soft tan color to pick up the color from the comforter. What do you think?

So that's part one of the projects I had going on around the house. Go here for part two of my weekend project about furniture arranging and check out my side bar for links to more projects. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out the DIY party from ASPTL.



  1. I love your headboard! It looks so much better white, the details and shape really pop. We are having trouble with this because my husband is really tall, so we can't have a footboard, but it's surprisingly hard to find just a headboard only!


  2. We would definitely paint the dresser to match...almost everything is better white! LOL
    The bed turned out beautiful!

  3. That paint makes a big difference and looks great. I'd probably paint the dresser white too--or is that too girly??

  4. My husband doesn't like the white so that's why I'm hesitant on painting the dresser white, although I don't like the color it is now. I'm considering more of a tan color, but we'll see.

  5. the white looks crisp and serene! good job.

  6. wow thats cool. im making my bedroom purple yellow black and white! its gonna be soo awesome! i am also making a quilt to match and so far its pretty cool! i lovee your ideas!

  7. wow your ideas are so cool! in my room to be my theme colors are going to be yellow purple black and white. im gonna have this black and white scandanavian pillow in it an dall this other awesome acessories

  8. I love the white head board, the cottage look is so calming :)

  9. I love what paint can do and judging by your other posts I have got to visit Old Time Pottery ASAP!

  10. I love the change in here with that newly painted headboard. And, yes, I do think you need to paint the dresser, too. Maybe even a crackle finish, so that you can get a second color in there from your bedding.

    Thanks for stopping by my DIY post!

  11. What a beautiful room! The headboard is so pretty and I love that scroll-y piece above the bed! Fabulous.


  12. I love your transformation!! Very cottage like!!


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