Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeling Blue

It seemed like for awhile blue was not part of the in crowd of color. Magazines seemed to focus on more earthy tones and blue was left out of the fun. Lately it apprears blue is back and better than ever. Whether it's more muted and greenish blues that remind us of lazy days by the beach or richer and bold blue pillows and accessories that pop against neautral backgrounds, blue can transform a room. Since it's a more soothing and restful color, it's often used in bedrooms. Here are some lovely living room spaces that are decked out with blue paint or fun blue accessorries.

I love the horiztonal stripes in this room and how they painted the ceiling. They even have "gasp" a ceiling fan. As much as I love fun and elegant light fixtures, some rooms just need a ceiling fan for comfort.


Coastal Living

This room has some subtle blue accents with the pillows and the flowers. Those green curtains really pop out as well.

Country Living

More fun pops of blue in this room. At first glance I would think that blue and white chair is way to bold of a design, but it really works with the neautral walls and sofa.

This Old House

While the darker blues in this room aren't really my thing, they do have a lot of neat ideas in this family room. I love the rustic doors on the cabinets on each side of the fireplace. I'm not sure if the chandelier is supposed to be missing the candles though?

Country Living

I remember seeing this room in my copy of Midwest Living. I believe it is a home on Lake Michigan. I love the soft blues and other muted colors that combined with the white walls and large windows create such a bright and airy space.

Midwest Living


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