Thursday, July 23, 2009

Framing Vintage Postcards

It's DIY Thursday at A Soft Place to Land and I'm joining in on the fun. This is one of my favorite weekly linky parties. Sooo many great ideas.

I bought some beautiful vintage postcards at a flea market last year. They are from the early 1900s and show several scenes in St.Louis. The first is the old courthouse which is where the Dred Scott Trial took place.The second is the elegant Union Station. It was once one of the busiest train stations in the country. Now it has a mall and restaurants inside. The last one shows the old City Hall building. I think I paid around $4 for all 3 cards. I bought the frame at Garden Ridge almost a year ago too. I think it was around $10 on sale.

goodwillthriftfinds 026

I finally got around to putting the cards in the frame. The size of the postcards was almost exactly the same size as the mat openings so I had to be sure to position them just right so they were even in the opening. First I used my sticky tape dispenser(the purple thing) to put some sticky tape on the back of the mat. I lined up the mat with the backing paper that came with the frame and stuck those together.

goodwillthriftfinds 025

Then I carefully lined up the postcards with the openings on the front. Since they were slightly smaller I was able to put them on top instead of behind the mat openings. I applied some sticky tape to the back of the postcards and stuck them to the backing paper.

Then all that was left was sticking them in the frame and ta da! Instant vintage art. Now I just have to figure out where to hang it.

goodwillthriftfinds 020


  1. I just found some vintage postcards at an auction. This is a perfect idea!!


  2. so tastefully and beautifully done sara ~ you have given these vintage pieces new pride!
    thank you for sharing ~

  3. Love it! It looks Awesome, love the postcards!

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  5. Those look great! There is something about vintage postcards that are so neat.

  6. i love this. they look so upscale and elegant in that frame.

  7. How pretty. I love to visit Union Station. Such a fun place.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by yesterday. I'm off to look around your blog now. Have a great weekend. Love the postcard prints btw.

  9. I just love old postcards, and you have fixed yours up beautifully!

  10. I am very late in responding, but I wanted to thank you for stopping by! :) You did a wonderful job with this project, and I LOVED your wedding dress in the other post. :)


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