Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Thrifty Finds

I have been so busy I haven't been doing much shopping lately, especially thrift store and bargain hunting. I had some time to scope out a few good deals on Saturday morning though. So I'm linking up with Southern Hospitality's Thrifty Treasures Monday Party.

First I hit up Goodwill where I found this cute little hook thingie with fun little star cutouts. It was $7 which seemed a bit high, but our Goodwill always seems to be overpriced. There was a lamp there I liked also, but it was $14 and didn't even have a shade. So I just stuck with this guy. He will probably end up in our bathroom(which has a planned remodel coming up in a few months) to hang towels on the hooks. I may paint it or I might leave it as is.

desk 047

The other store I found some good buys at was Garden Ridge. They had several clearance areas. I was tempted by some Adrionback rockers they had for $35 (originally $100) and a cute woven chair for $19 (reduced from $80) but I resisted chair temptation. I did snag this lovely candle vase at 75% off for $3.50.

desk 050

In the art and frame section of the store, they had a small group clearanced down to 90% off. I picked up three of these white frames. I'm going to lose the milk art(even though I did live on a dairy farm until I was 10 so it kinda fits me!) and put some photos in. I could also use them as mini shadowboxes because of the depth of the frames. They were only $1 each.

desk 049

The finaly item I grabbed was this tile art thing. It has a mosiac of tiles in a flower shape. I think this might end up in the bathroom also. It's a little different, but I thought it was pretty and it was only $1.50.

desk 048

So those are the cheap treasures I managed to dig up this weekend. Did anyone else have some great shopping finds on a budget? If so check out all the other great finds posted on Southern Hospitality.


  1. I love all your finds, especially the frames. I'm having a giveaway tomorrow. Stop by if you get a chance and enter to win.

  2. Jackpot-- you scored some lovely finds!! Ok so my favorite is the hook board with the star cut outs--I'm into the American look a bit too much!! LOL.
    Yes, my Goodwill is way pricey too--makes me angry--too bad, I'm the one being a cheapskate!!!

  3. You found some good items. Love the star hook thingy. Will be great for the bath. I like the cnadle holder too...the color is perfect for this time of year.
    Thanks for stopping bnd the nice comment

  4. Awesome finds! Our GW's and Savers are always overpriced. Kind of feel defeated when I see a price tag for $12.99from TJMAXX on the bottom an item and Savers has it priced $17.99!

  5. Awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by The Borrowed Abode. I'll be back to see more of your blog in the future!


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