Monday, September 7, 2009

Going Green

I'm not really a greenie, but I do love plants. They are supposed to be good for indoor air quality and all that fun stuff, but I mostly like how fresh and pretty they look as accents in a room. I used to have a bad record with plants and usually forgot to ever water them. I decided to go for a fresh start and bring in a few plants to liven things up.

kitchen2 021

I don't even remember the names of the plants I ended up buying, but they were all pretty cheap at Home Depot. As a Garden Club member, I even had a coupon they e-mailed me. If you aren't a Garden Club member, be sure to visit Home Depot's webite to join and get coupons, growing tips, and other fun stuff. The pots were half off at Garden Ridge.

kitchen2 019

So far my plants seem to striving. I even remember to water them on a regular basis.

kitchen2 020


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