Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Favorite Camera Tool

If you've seen any of my vacation photos, you may notice that I always have several photos of my husband and I together. I always try to get several different poses in different locations because it's about the only time we ever take any photos together. At one time, we would usually have my husband stretch his arm out and flip the camera around to take a picture of us squeezed together. Or we might even ask a stranger to take a picture of us together. But these don't always turn out how you may have hoped. That's why I recommend buying a flexible tripod like this little guy.

I picked up this tripod at Wal-Mart for around $10. They are available for both point and shoots and SLRs. You simply screw it onto the little triped mount on the underside of your camera. Because of the small size, it's easy to throw this guy in your purse and take him along with you everywhere. The bendy legs are great because you don't need a solid surface to set the tripod on. You can even wrap the legs around a railing or tree branch although I'm a little too scared to try that. So if you don't already have something like this, pick one of these cheap handy dandy little tripod doodads and start getting some great shots of your family together.


  1. That tripod is a fantabulous idea for trips...I will now keep my eyes pealed for a small telescoping one...


  2. and those photos were divine!

  3. Yes! I love my GorillaPod. The best part is how easy it is to carry around.
    I didn't know that they sold them at Walmart... mine cost $20 at REI. Still, worth every penny.

  4. Yep, they are $10 at Wal-Mart. I orignially bought one from Amazon for $20 and then it broke. Luckily, I noticed they were cheaper at Wally World.

  5. That is so funny, I was just researching these guys online last week. In fact I think it is currently saved in my queue on amazon. Glad to know they are at Wally World.


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