Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colorado Vacation-Part 3

I'm back with the next installment of our trip through Colorado. After our drive over Mosquito Pass, we spent the night at Siverthorne. (Where I browsed through some fun outlet stores.) The next day we set our bright and early and headed towards Georgetown.

Driving I-70 Silverthorne to Georgetown

In Georgetown, it was time to take the Jeep up another trail. This time we headed up Saxon Mountain. We quickly climbed high above Georgetown.

View of Gergetown below

The road was just as rough. as the day before.

colorado2009 338

Look at all the many switchbacks we drove up:

colorado2009 347

The views were just as wonderful as the day before also.

colorado2009 353

After about 2 and half hours of driving(and it was only 6 miles!) we finally reached the top.

colorado2009 358

This little guy was busy gathering food for winter which comes early in the mountains.

colorado2009 357b

After a long drive to get back down the mountain, it was time for lunch and a little shopping in the quaint and historic downtown area of Georgetown.

Cute shops

After leaving Georgetown, we hopped back off the interstate at Idaho Springs. We continued on an unpaved country road known as the "Oh My God Road." Actually it was probably the least scary road we drove on and while the views were nice, they weren't anything amazing.

colorado2009 375

We did pass through the ghost town of Russel Gulch. There were many abandoned buildings and mines in the area. I had to laugh at the "Home for Sale" sign in front of this "fixer upper". It's pointing to a different house, but I thought it was not the best sign placement.

It's a fixer-upper

Once we reached Central City, we hopped on the "Peak to Peak" scenic byway and followed that to Estes Park.

Central City

Late that afternoon we finally approached Estes Park, our final destination for the remainder of our vacation.

Estes Park is below

I have more photos to share later from Rocky Mountain National Park so stay tuned.

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  1. What beautiful pictures! I just love the mountain states. There is something so beautiful and rugged about them. We used to take off the beaten path when we lived in Utah. It was so much fun.
    Thanks for sharing your pics and reminding my of the beauty there! I miss them greatly!


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