Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colorado, what a glorious state.

If my blog has seemed a little empty lately it's because we just returned this past weekend from spending a week in beautiful Colorado. While I thought Alaska was amazing, Colorado also blew me away.

The mountains and the views are just awesome. I also fell in love with fresh air and low humidity. Even at the higher elevations I felt like I could breathe so much better without all the allergies that seem to plague me at home.

Unfortunately, I picked up a nasty cold on our last day of vacation and I've been trying to mostly rest every since, so little time for blogging. I will be back soon with lots of photos to share of this gorgeous state! We are also in the middle of a big home office overhaul so there will be more DIY and before and after fun to come.

Now if only Colorado wasn't 14 hours away and didn't involve driving across Kansas. That state is soooooo long. It feels like you never get through. While the Flint Hills area is pretty, the stretch of Kansas along I-70 is not that exciting. (No offense to any Kansas residents, I'm sure the state has plenty of pretty areas, just not where the interstate runs through.)

Driving across Kansas

Are we there yet? How about now? Can you see the mountains yet? There were common phrases from our trip. We covered at least 2200 miles in 7 days according to our GPS and we didn't even have it on all the time.

Stay tuned for TONS more photos!


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