Monday, September 28, 2009

DIY Tuesday-Cheapo Frames Get Customized

Now the DIY day on A Soft Place to Land moved to Tuesday, I had to scramble to get this project finished so I could link up to the party.


I posted Monday morning about these frames I found on clearance for $1 at Garden Ridge. I had several ideas in mind for them and I decided to first try using them for some photos from our wonderful recent Colorado trip. (You can see Part 1, Part 2,  and Part 3  about our trip. I still have two more posts and more photos to share!)

Got milk? As cute as the Happy Acres Dairy art is, it had to go.

desk 049
I had to use a tiny screwdriver to unscrew all the little screws holding on the backing. Then I printed out and cropped some photos of us together on our trip.

desk 053

I decided the pictures needed a little something extra so I searched through the mountains of ribbon stash I have. For when I scrapbook. Which I haven't really done hardly at all this year. But I will. So I keep buying cute ribbon. Just in case. But the cute ribbon came in handy to add a fun little border around the photos.

desk 059

I ran out of the first ribbon which I really liked the best with the diagonal stripes. So I settled for this gray ribbon with the frilly white scalloped edge for the other two photos.

desk 056

desk 060

Here they are on the wall in our bedroom. It was dark and our overhead light is pretty awful so the lighting was not good when I took these pictures of the pictures, but you get the idea.

desk 066

While I like them, I'm almost thinking I want something lighter to go with the other colors of the bedroom. Maybe just some patterned scrapbook paper or flower prints, or even our initials in each of the frames. Soooo after all the cutting and gluing of ribbon, I might leave the ribbon borders and then cover the photos with some different artwork. What do you think?

desk 055

Here's the rest of our bedroom. It's still a work in progress though. Isn't everything? The area above the chair is where the new pictures are hanging. But I'm thinking something lighter might work better there. Sometimes I have to live with things for awhile to decide if I like them or not.

kitchen2 017

Sorry, more bad lighting pictures. Why do I always think to take pictures when there's very little light outside? It never occurs to me on the weekends in the afternoon to take pictures when there is gobs of light streaming in. I love my IKEA curtains though. I can't believe they have curtains this long for so cheap.

kitchen2 013


  1. I love the color in that bedroom and your usage of the frames. Nice work!

  2. Really great idea ! Thanks for sharing !
    I love the paint color in the bedroom :)

  3. I think the frames look great!
    I buy up lots of scrapping supplies and never use them, too. It's a sickness.

  4. Mandy, it is a sickness! If only they didn't make such cute flowers, stickers, and other scrapbooking supplies.

  5. Those frames are cute...I am loving your bedroom!

    Thanks for stopping by my site and thanks for the comment!


  6. I really like the photos - they look like they go really well with the picture on the other side of the door.
    It doesn't matter what I go to Michaels to buy, some ribbon always seems to make it into my cart. I guess I have the sickness too!

  7. Great job! Good for you for re-purposing a thrifty find, they turned out cute!


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