Friday, October 2, 2009

Colorado Trip-Part 5-Estes Park continued

Here's the final segment of our trip story. Sorry if I'm boring anyone with the tons of photos, but Colorado was just so amazing and I hope to be able to return someday soon.

On our full last day of vacation we also awoke bright and early so we could see and do as much as possible. We were both starting to feel a little sick with colds so we didn't do as much hiking as we wanted to. After a delicious breakfast at The Egg and I in Estes Park, we headed to the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park. We were only up for a short hike, so did a small walk to Copeland Falls. This is a great easy hike if you are in the area and the views are dramatic.

I was using a slow shutter speed to get the smooth water look in the photos, but I forgot to use my tripod so this picture is a little blurry.

Lower Copeland Falls

Posing at the lower falls.

Lower Copeland Falls

And some shots of the upper falls.

Upper Copeland Falls

Upper Copeland Falls

We spent the rest of the morning climbing Pole Hill just outside Estes Park. The hubby wanted to get one more Jeep ride in. It was another rough road.

Driving up Pole Hill outside Estes Park.

The views made up for the rough climb.

colorado2009 710

Great views of Estes Park

Go Jeep Go! You can make it!

colorado2009 720

There was a great overlook of Estes Park from the top.

colorado2009 732

After lunch, we relaxed at our condo and started packing up all our gear to head home the next day. We ate dinner at Smokin Dave's BBQ. It was delicious. I had some wonderful sweet potato fries along with some great pulled pork. Once we finished eating, we headed back into Rocky Mountain National Park for some elk viewing.

Elk roam all over the park in the town of Estes Park as well. We stopped at several places to photograph them. The didn't even seem to notice the large groups of people gathering around and watching them.


Lots of people gathered to take pictures of this group.

They didn't seem to mind people at all.

We also saw several deer to round out our talley of wildlife.

two deer

After snapping tons of pictures, we continued on up Trail Ridge Road one final time and stopped at several overlooks to take our last photos of our Colorado vacation.

colorado2009 818

Trail Ridge Road

That's the last segment of our trip. It was so amazing and I fell in love with the gorgeous mountains and views of the state. I can't wait to someday return. If you have never visited Colorado, you are missing so much awesomeness and you should add it to your "must see" list.


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