Friday, October 30, 2009

Fab Fireplaces

It's getting colder outside. Time to grab a nice book and a cup of hot cocoa and curl up in front of the fire. I just love fireplaces. They provide a perfect focal point for a room and a mantel for displaying beautiful accessories. I just love having a fireplace in our home. Hubby says it wastes too much heat, isn't efficient, a stove would be better, blah, blah, blah. I don't care, I want every home I live in to be graced with a fireplace. It may not be a good way to heat a home, but it provides a wonderful architectual detail to a home year round.

Here a few gorgeous fireplace photos I wanted to share. I love the tile around this one, such a fun use of color to contrast against the white walls. The collection of blue vases is also very fun and pretty.

DIY Network

I loooove the tile around this one and the crafstman style details of the wood mantle and surround.
DIY Network

This one is a very simple fireplace, but I love the large and bold artwork above it and the build in shelves. The colors of the accessories on the shelves tie in with the other accent colors of the room.

Coastal Living

The remaining photos show some gorgeous mantels and stonework. There are some neat ideas of what to display on your mantel too.

Cottage Living

My Home Ideas

My Home Ideas

My Home Ideas

My Home Ideas

I have more fireplace photos to share later. I'm always looking for beautiful room photos that have fireplaces.


  1. Wow you have a good eye.
    Me, I would have a fireplace in EVERY room
    loved the fireplace in the dining room
    Loved the orange/pumpkin/paprika walls in the other

  2. I have one of those tacky corner fireplaces. I'd just as soon not have one at all than to have this kind. I'd love ideas for decorating it!

  3. Nice post - fireplace photos ..Keep Posting

    fireplace photos

  4. That "15 Awesome Ultramodern Fireplaces" link posted above has some crazy and creative ideas! Like a fireplace in a can!


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