Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trimming Out a Plain Jane Mirror

Part of our master bath makeover involved updating the insanely large builder grade mirror. The edges were starting to get that peely look where they start turning black and it just didn't look very finished. Using some "Mirror Edge" trim found at Lowe's, we gave it a much more custom style.

Were you wondering how we attached the trim? Well, we used this handy-dandy tape gun that was a Christmas gift to me.

livingroomprojects 088

It's called Glue-Glider Pro and can be purchased at Archiver's. It is something that can be used in scrapbooking and other craft projects. There are different types of adhesive refills available and according to the back of the package you can practically build a house using this stuff. I'm not kidding, the package says it can be used to "hold up drywall", "attach crown moulding", and "attach weatherstripping."

livingroomprojects 092

While we had a good chuckle about some of the product's suggestions for use, I do have to say that it did a very nice job holding up our trim to the mirror. Not so sure about hanging drywall or crown moulding with it!


  1. The trim looks great! I bought some of that ohhhh about 6 months ago and it's sitting in my garage waiting to be installed! Ha. That glue\tape gun looks awesome I may try to find one around here!

  2. I did wonder about that. Neat tool, I have never seen that before. Hmmmmmmm, might just have to pick one of those up.

    Your mirror looks great. I was just telling hubby about it. Thinking some Mirror Edge trim might be coming home with me very, very soon. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. what a great tool. We don't have an Archiver's in Calif - that I know of. will have to look online.
    Great job, btw. trim always makes those mirrors look so good.
    Thanks for visiting the other day!


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