Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Target Clearance Finds

If you haven't been to Target lately or if you are like me and try to avoid it because even though you go only for cereal and almonds you end up somehow walking out with five bags of stuff and an empty wallet, you might just want to check out the ends of some of the aisles. Both of the Target stores in my area (yes, I'm blessed with two that are less than 10 minutes away) have several great items drastically reduced. I just happened to have a couple giftcards from Christmas so I picked up several items that I had been eyeing at the store for awhile.

My first find was this charging station. We are not really that into all the little technological gagets, but I did want something to corral all the cords for our cell phones and MP3 players. One Target store had all of these marked down to 50% while the other store had them only reduced 30%. Luckily, I found this at the first Target where they were cheaper.

I didn't have a jewelry box and I was tired of my necklaces ended up all tangled in the tiny round box I had been keeping them in. So when I spied this mirrored box for only $9.98 I snapped it up. They had several different kinds of jewelry boxes in a variety of colors and sizes. Even if you don't need one, this would make a great gift. I'm sure I'll have to clean the fingerprints off the drawers all the time, but who cares when it looks so pretty.

Another great section on clearance were the photo frames. They were reduced 75% off! I bought one for $2.74 and the others for $3.74. I already used one of the frames on the right in our master bathroom.

Besides the items I purchased, they also had many bedding sets and pillows reduced up to 50%. Check out the end of each aisle, that's usually were the bargain goodies are hiding. So if you are wanting any of these items, hurry to Target and see if your store has any great deals.


  1. Yup Def going to Target this week.. I've been eyeing that jewelry box FOREVER they even had one at Big Lots but I was def not paying 50.00 for it... 9.99!!! YAY!

  2. My hubby always laugh because when I get to Target my first stop is the dollar section, next stop is the end of the aisles. I soooo love that jewelry box! Hope you have a FUN Wednesday!


  3. Way to go! I'm coveting that charging station and it's the perfect color. That would sure bring order to our cord/outlet chaos. Thanks for telling us about the deals!

  4. I would love to have a charging station! And that jewelery box! Great finds!

  5. I almost purchased the same charging station, also at a discounted price! I love Target to pieces.


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