Thursday, January 14, 2010

It could have been much worse...

While the pre-makeover state of our bathroom was a little dated and boring, it wasn't really that horrible. Nothing to give you chills or nightmares. All the basics were there and our house is only 15 years old, it just needed a little "tweaking" to become the bathroom that I now love.

Bathroom before:

It could have been far, far worse. If you have not seen this amazing bathroom transformation on the blog Fly Through Our Window, you have to check it out. Be prepared, this room just might frighten small children and anyone with a sense of style. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, put down your food and swallow first if you are eating anything and look at what they started with:

Are you still there or did you pass out or run screaming from the computer? I didn't even know they made sinks that color. Not to mention the wallpaper. And the curtains. And pretty much everything else. But Darby, the blogger, was on a budget and was able to whip up some makeover magic by working with the orange counter to make the room classy and elegant. After some wallpaper removal and the addition of some gorgeous fabric, paint, and accessories the room turned out like this:

Amazing, isn't it? So if you think some area is your house is just beyond hope, or you don't have the budget for major renovation, just remember that you can work with what you have. If you have crazy colored tile or a counter that's not your style, look for what you can change. Can you paint the vanity? Can you rip down the wallpaper? Can you find a pretty shower curtain to hide the ugly tile on your shower walls? Can you buy a new accent rug to cover up that worn floor? Sometimes the simple changes can add up to a big impact. Don't get discouraged by what you can't change and concentrate on what you can.


  1. "Sometimes the simple changes can add up to a big impact. Don't get discouraged by what you can't change and concentrate on what you can."

    You have no idea how much I needed to read those words this morning! And it doesn't even have anything to do with re-doing rooms.

    Thank you!

  2. wow that woman should get an award...that is fabulous....what a difference taking off that wallpaper made...definately dated it
    thanks for sharing

  3. That's amazing, I didn't even notice the red counter top in the second photo at first!

  4. I know what you man jenmom, I feel that way all the time. I get discouraged by things in life that are out of my control, but you have to step back and do what you are able.


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