Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Cat Needs a Shrink

I have two cats. One of them is very inquistive and a bit eccentric, but for the most part a normal cat. Then there is Emma. We aren't sure what exactly happened to her in her previous life because she was a stray. Maybe she was deprived of oxygen at birth or maybe she suffers from abandonment issues from being in a shelter, but either way she is an odd animal.

Her first major issue is her obsession with all things plastic. In fact, she likes to eat plastic and we have to make sure no grocery bags, newpaper sleeves, or ziploc bags are left unattended. She has even consummed an entire Wal-Mart bag and then thrown it back up over the course of a couple days. Even plastic drop cloths aren't safe from her, because she likes to crawl underneath them. Maybe this is where the oxygen deprivation began.

Her latest issue is that she has decided to pull out her fur. She has soft, beautiful fur, but all along her sides, tummy, legs, and tail she has bald spots where she has been pulling out her fur. Apparently, this is common for cats to do when stressed.  Now when she walks she looks like a scrawny rat. You can see her big bald patch on her side.

She did suffer from a recent bladder infection and was on antibiotics. That is the only thing we can figure out would have her remotely stressed. She still eats fine and acts completely normal otherwise. (Or normal for Emma anyway.) I wouldn't think sleeping 16 hours a day and having your meals hand delivered would be a stressful life, but who knows.

Maybe she had too much sun.

Maybe she was mad that we went on vacation without her.

Maybe she needs a chiropractor.

Maybe she doesn't like my taste in shoes.

Maybe she had a run in with the Big, Bad Wolf while dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Maybe my dining room chairs bring back flashbacks of living in a cage at the Humane Society.

If there are any cat whisperers out there, please share your advice. If there are no cat whisperers, you can just share your amusing pet stories. I would love to hear them.


  1. Isn't it amazing what our pets can get away with? If my kid turns his nose up at dinner - well! ... but, the dog gets away with it, and then gets a treat on top from dad. If I steal the covers at night, well that is not allowed, but the bump at the bottom of the bed can! :-) Emma sounds like a typical cat with a peculiar personality, and it seems most typical cats have peculiar personalities. There - that's my unofficial attempt at diagnosing your pretty kitty! Ha! Ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog ... I've added your to my reader list. See ya around!

  2. your Emma is adorable
    just keep on loving her
    I have a cat,Webster, that hunts stuffed animals
    from the basement
    he drags them upstairs in his mouth
    and drops them in front of us
    or in our bed in the morning...nuts

  3. Emma is beautiful.

    Sometimes antihistamines can help even if the fur pulling is caused from stress although she sure doesn't look stressed in those pictures. Her "chiropractor picture" actually made me turn my head to the side. Funny!

    You could also try some bitter apple or whatever they recommend for felines so the pulling areas taste bad.

    I'm assuming your vet checked for allergies. And, hoo boy - that plastic thing is dangerous. Some of that clogs up her insides and you're looking at a couple thousand dollar vet bill (I used to work for a vet)

    My youngest kitty loves rubber bands - another dangerous "toy"

  4. This post is such a cute post :-) Aside from your kitty pulling out her fur it just made my night :-)

  5. We just got a kitten this past week and I just loved reading your post. I'm sorry that your kitty is stressed, but she is super cute too! I especially love the picture of your kitty in the closet.


    I looked up cats eating plastic bags and this apparently is not as odd an you thought, see the above link. This article is written by a veterinarian and maybe you might want to take you kitty to see your vet. Let us know how your kitty is doing.

  7. Awww. What a pretty kitty. You're right, the recent hair pulling is probably due to stress. And our cats like plastic bags, too. I think it has something to do with the crinkling sound they make. They find the weirdest things to play with, don't they? But they sure are entertaining! :)

  8. Holy Moly! I think that my Lucy Diamond could be Emma's sister (except for the fact that they look nothing alike!) My Lucy has a serious thing for plastic, especially if the plastic has anything sticky on it. Tape is my worst nightmare. She'll eat it all in one gulp and then immediately throw it up (on my rugs for sure). Christmas is her favorite time of year with all that tape, and wrapping, and plastic! Cats can be a mystery but they are so fun. I love all the pics you have taken of your little furbabies!

  9. Our cat Pepper licks plastic, but has never tried to eat it -- just rubber bands and curling ribbon. What a mess that must have been to clean up!

    So funny that you have all those photos to refer to in your cat posts. It seems like whenever I find one of our four cats in a funny pose or in a funny place, as soon as I bring out the camera, she moves. Groan.


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