Monday, January 11, 2010

Master Bathroom Makeover Revealed

Want to see what we accomplished in the past week?

Compared to how it looked like to begin with:

The messy before:

The spa-like after:

From builder grade:

To "is this really my bathroom?"


And now for the overview of what we did. I poster earlier about how I painted the vanity and changed out the light fixture and faucets with help from Mr. Delightful Dwelling. The walls are Behr Oat Straw which I also used in our home office. I also added new knobs to the vanity doors and we added trim around the gigantic mirror. We planned on using regular moulding cut to fit and painted to match the vanity until we discovered this trim called "Mirror Edge" on clearance at Lowe's. It just happened to be the right color and the pieces were even the perfect length that exactly matched our mirror.

We used vinyl peel and stick flooring to cover the stained and scratched white sheet vinyl we had. The pattern is called beige slate and we purchased it at Home Depot. I will have an upcoming post dedicated to tips on laying vinyl floor tiles. They are a cheap and easy fix to hide an ugly floor.

This metal shelf thing was given to me by my MIL. It was originally a dark color, but I sprayed it with some Heirloom White. Now it holds extra towels and q-tips.

I made this towel holder using scrap lumber and hooks from Lowe's. I'll have a post about how I made it coming up later this week.

I shopped around our house looking for accessories to use and came up with a mirror, starfish, and vases I bought from IKEA over the summer.

This bowl was a 70% off find at Kohl's. I use it to hold my makeup and moisturizer. I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to cosmetics. Foundation, blush, mascara, and chapstick are all I need.

A jar I bought last year at Gordman's holds my Olay Daily Facial cloths.

I bought some soap pumps at T.J.Maxx and filled them with  my shampoo and conditioner. They are much prettier than having plastic bottles in bright colors scattered about. Everything sits on a plate I picked up at Marshall's. The mercury glass votive holder is part of a set that is also from Marshall's.

I made my own roman shade using fabric and a cheap plastic mini blind as inspired by The Little Green Notebook. Upcoming post to follow later this week on the how-to and tips.

I added a piece of framed art I found on clearance at Old Time Pottery.

I'm a little unsure about the diamond tins on the wall. They can hang either as a diamond as shown or tilted the other way so they hang like a square straight up and down. Should they stay or go? Or be moved in a line up or down?

I'm still amazed when I go into the room because it feels like completely different bathroom and we made all the changes in just over a week and on a small budget. This is by far my favorite room makeover in our home.

Here's the cost breakdown:

Flooring: 2 boxes @ $33 each = $66 (Home Depot)
Light above vanity = $98 (Lowe's)
Ceiling Mount light (you can barely see it in the first photo)= $10 (Home Depot)
Trim around mirror= $15 (Lowe's)
Knobs on vanity= 4 @ $1.79= $7.16 (Home Depot)
Faucets= 2 @ $29 (these are now only $25 at Home Depot) = $58
Bathroom Rugs = $14.99 (T.J. Maxx)
Soap Pumps, bowl = $4.99 x 2=$9.98 (T.J. Maxx),  $2.29 (Kohl's)
Wall Paint, Behr Oat Straw=$32 (Home Depot)
Toliet Paper Holder and Hand Towel Holder = $18 (Home Depot)
Robe Hook= $4 (Home Depot)
Towel Hooks =$3.79 x 2= $7.58
Trim = $12 (Lowe's)
Vent Register Cover = $12 (Lowe's)
Frame and artwork= $3.74 for clearance frame (Target) $11 for clearance art (Old Time Pottery)
Blinds=$11 (Lowe's)
Fabric=$12 (Joann's)

Grand Total: $404.75
We seem to be spending right around $400 in every single room we makeover. We had giftcards that covered over $200 of the project so our out of pocket cost was really not that high. All the other accessories that I didn't list a price for were things I already had on hand.




  1. Just popping in from Met Monday. I love what you've done. I'm just starting to redo our hall bath. So far I've just picked paint colors and refinished our vanity. I LOVE the idea of hooks instead of towel racks. So much easier for my kids to handle. Your accessories look so pretty. Great job!

  2. I love it all and I love when you save money and do it yourself. Great job, thanks for sharing.
    Cha Cha

  3. Congratulations on your new look. I like the towel hooks. You put a towel on a hook and it looks right and it stays up there. On towel bar you have to do a towel origami to make it look right, then it slips off when you aren't looking.

  4. looks wonderful!!! what a difference too!!
    i would be walking in there all time!!

  5. WOW!! Love the color of the bathroom now. Very peaceful. I really really like the black vanity. You did such a great job with a small budget. Our bathroom is awful. We live in a 1970s Colonial, so only one full bath upstairs. We have to share it with our two little ones. No fun!!! BUT, at least we could make it look cute, right? It needs major work. You are inspiring. ;) I'm visiting from Kimba's party. Hope you might stop by. :) Here's my link:

  6. This is beautiful WELL DONE! And thank you for the idea on what to do with facial cloths. I hate the boxes they come in (they never close) and they take up so much space but in a nice jar like yours they could sit out on the counter and not take up too much room!

  7. Its dreamy! Great job, loved visiting!

  8. Your bathroom looks fantastic! I have a roman shade on my to do list when I get home next week...yours looks so great! I love all your accessories...make me want to rethink mine...

  9. Wow - you did an amazing job! I love the colors you used. It looks fabulous!

  10. I love it, Sara. You did a great job! I'm not sure about the diamond tiles, either. If they drive you crazy, just take them down. I think the wall would look just fine without them. :)
    Enjoy your new bathroom, and have a great day!! Beth.

  11. That is gorgeous!! What a difference $400 can make! Thanks for sharing! And I saw in your profile that you are an engineer?? I am too and just thought that was interesting!

  12. Since I have to write and you are almost done with your house, could you please come and do mine? :)

  13. I love love love your bathroom redo! I am debating doing black cabinets in my guest bathroom downstairs, and I think your makeover might have been the final decision. Great job!

  14. I love your bathroom makeover. I'm going to check out the paint color and see if it will work in a room I need to paint. I also love the shampoo/conditioner tray; I wish I had room in my shower for that!

    I like the tiles hung in the diamond pattern, but I would move them over and above the star and towel holder, so that display has more height.

  15. I love the transformation. It's so serene.

  16. You did a fabulous job! I'm relaxed just looking at it. I'd love for you to link up your bathroom to my Power of Paint Party every Wednesday... it starts at 7pm (PST) tonight. Hope to see you there!

  17. I really like your shampoo/conditioner plate idea. Doesn't it feel so much less cluttered having it on plate/tray? AND so pretty - I'm totally gonna use this idea! Thanks!

  18. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    My vanity cabinet looks black in the photos, but it is really a dark brown color. The trim around the mirror is also dark brown.

    Angie, yes I am a civil engineer. After dealing with numbers all day it's nice to have an outlet for decorating and artsy craftsy stuff.

  19. Wow! What a transformation. I love the hooks and the color is awesome. We have a green bathroom with white accents, too. Loves it. =)

    I just started following. Thanks for stopping by our blog, too. =)

  20. The paint makes such a difference. Especially on the cabinets. Wonderful job! You should feel very proud.

  21. Looks great! I love the colors that you used. And you vanity looks amazing. I want to paint mine but am very nervous about it.

    I love it. And the star is the perfect finishing touch. Great job!


  22. I love your new spa like bathroom. You did a good job. I need to paint my vanity & put trim around my builders grade mirror too.

  23. wow! the new colors and accessories give it a much more tranquil feel. what a fantastic make-over!

  24. WOW! That's a great transformation! Love the colors... and that price? Great job!

  25. It DOES have a spa-like feel now and I LOVE that vanity transformation! Great job.

  26. Sara what a great job you have done in this bathroom it has such an elegant feel to it. I would love to walk into it in the is just perfect for getting ready. I like how you bought the soap pumps and put shampoo and conditioner in them. How easy and yet what an amazing feel they add to your room. I am going to borrow that great idea. You have several great ideas. Love them all!

  27. I love the metal shelf...anyone know where I can get something similar??

  28. You did a beautiful job. What an amazing transformation. Enjoy it!

  29. Beautiful transformation !! I love the calming, soothing feel your bathroom now has. Well done !! Take care, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  30. It really IS spa-like! I love what you did ... and for such a reasonable price, too. Great job!

  31. Way to go. Congratulations--this looks really beautiful. And you achieved all this on such a reasonable budget! It's really inspiring.

    For the record, I think the tins would look really nice in a straight vertical line, but that's just me. I think you did a great job with all the accessories.

    Great job!!

  32. I really like the bathroom make over.

    The tray w/ bath accessories- pumps and bottles is a pretty touch.

    I like the stick down tiles. I think they get overlooked now a days with people wanting a more high end finish on the floors in every room; but the tiles are a really nice touch easy on the budget and give it that high end look without the high end cost.

    I have sheet vinyl in my bathroom right now and it needs replacing. Our budget is tight so I may go that route myself.

    Thanks for the great pictures.

  33. I was surprised at how nice the peel and stick tiles ended up looking. They do have ones now that have the grout lines so that they look even more like regular tile.

  34. Your bathroom looks really pretty, amazing what some paint and new flooring will do! The vanity looks great as do your accessories!

  35. Wow, that is fabulous! I love the idea of using soap pumps for your shampoo. You found some really beautiful stuff, great job!

  36. what a nice job. looks super soothing!

    as far as the three tin thingy's. personally, i would leave them in that pattern but move them higher on the wall so they are not competing with the towel hooks.

    enjoy your new space!

  37. Wonderful makeover! And amazing that you were able to do that on that budget!

  38. Great job! My master-bath is very similar to your before photo, but I never thought of painting the oak vanity black. It looks great, very elegant!

  39. Your master bath is beautiful - I like the idea of storing the shampoo and cream rinse in matching soap pump dispensers. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Awesome! I really like the bathroom makeover. What I first noticed are the three diamond tins in the wall. It made me remember my grandmother who loves to collect different kinds of tins and tiles. She had a huge collection of tins and tiles coming from outside the country and in her favorite tile stores. She used to collect some tile Clearwater, Florida-made products, tiles from California, tile flooring Tampa, Florida-made items, and tins from other countries. Thanks for sharing! I'm really delighted in reading the post.

  41. It feels like your in a beach with white sand in this bathroom. Its quite simple yet it is appealing.

  42. Congratulations! It was a job well done. The bathroom now looks better than before. The dull mood turned out to be a relaxing place.

  43. Your old look bathroom is looks good. But when you renovate your bathroom, it looks more good and neatly. The chosen color helps to add some ambiance.

  44. That was an awesome transformation Sara, I loved every bit of how you paid attention to even the smallest of accessories. Managing it all in $400 dollars is so great for people who like us, who wish to take the plunge but are so afraid of how much it will all cost. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  45. That is awesome! It takes so little to make a little area look so good! Not to mention how bright it is in there now! I have been trying to find modern bathroom vanities that I like, but I think I may just paint and try to spruce the place up! Thanks for the ideas!


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