Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Master Bathroom-Painted Vanity

I'm running a little behind on blogging this week. Each evening after work, we start trying to wrap up the final projects so we can have our master bathroom back.

One of the several projects that I tackled in this bathroom was to paint the vanity because replacing it wasn't in the budget. I had done this already in our hall bathroom so I already had the routine down.

First I started with some Kilz primer and my free Glidden paint from one of their paint promotions a couple months ago. The paint color is Bittersweet Chocolate. For the hall bath, I did first lightly sand the vanity and doors. I skipped that step this time because the doors aren't really shiny and I was feeling a bit lazy.

The primer I used was waterbasesd, because that's what I had on hand. For the hall bathroom, I used oil-based primer. While the oil-based is harder to work with(don't even bother trying to clean your brushes after using it, just toss them) I do think it works a bit better. I had yellow and orange stain poking through my first coat of primer this time. That was not the case when I used the oil base primer. I've also had some chipping happening on the side of the vanity. This is on the part that is not wood, but that shiny laminate stuff. I did not have any issues for the hall bath with the oil primer. So I would recommend using the oil-based to give you paint a better sticking surface.

I did all my priming and painting in the bathroom. I simply spread out drop cloths and set the vanity doors up all around the bathroom. I wanted to be able to close off the door so that I could keep the kitties from trying to "help" with my painting activities.

The Glidden Bittersweet Chocolate ended up not being dark enough for me. Unlike the French Chocolate paint by Glidden that I tried to use for the hall bath, this paint shade was not purple! I just mixed in some black paint I already had until it was the right shade of deep, dark brown that I was after.

I just wanted to hurry and get the painting done, so I was slacking on my photo taking of the process. I also don't want to reveal too much before I get to show off the final "after" photos of the room. You can see a glimpse of the new paint color on the vanity at the bottom of the photo.

That wraps up the painting of the vanity. I will devote another post to the flooring we used and then the last post will be the big reveal!


  1. You are a naughty girl. You said we'd be able to see it. Oh, well, I guess we'll have to wait til you're finished! :)

  2. It will always be great to have this archive of progress! You were wise to take so many before/after. I'm not good at that...but one night I was so tired of the oak laminate vanity in the guest bathroom that I grabbed my black chalkboard paint and went at looks like a brand new modern black vanity. Thanks for sharing:)


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