Sunday, January 31, 2010

A $4 Bouquet Goes a Long Way

I love fresh flowers. They just really add the final spark and freshness to a room. They aren't usually in the budget, so I probably only get a couple bouquets a year. I was feeling a little bit of the winter blahs this weekend and too impatient for spring. So I picked up this lovely bouquet at the local discount club for $3.87.

livingroomprojects 033

It was so large that I was able to spread it around to two different rooms. Flowers just make me smile.

livingroomprojects 020

Sometimes $4 can really go a long way. I may have to pick up discount bouquets more often. Or drop more hints to Mr. Delightful Dwelling that pretty flowers = happy wife.

livingroomprojects 016


  1. I buy myself flowers alot....
    it's called romancing yourself....
    If I waited for mr. you know who to get a clue
    my house would never be graced with the beauty of flowers..which by the way
    gives me joy
    good for you sara

  2. So how do you keep Emma from eating the flowers? I can't keep Wendell out of them.

  3. She was interested in the flowers at first, but she got bored of them rather quickly.


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