Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adding Cabinet Knobs to Vanity

One way we made the original vanity in our master bathroom look more finished and elegant was by simply adding some knobs to the doors. It previously was completely naked when it came to hardware. I picked up these knobs at Home Depot for $1.79 each.

Since my doors didn't have any previous knobs, I had to drill holes for the knobs to be screwed on. You can purchase little plastic guides to use to make sure all your holes for the knobs are in the right place. I'm cheap so I just made my own guide using a scrap of carboard that had a corner. I measured on the door where I wanted my knob to be and then marked that point on the cardboard by lining up the corner of the cardboard when the corner of the door panel. I poked a hole through the cardboard where that mark was.

I then used a pencil poked through the hole to mark on each door where I wanted to drill the hole for the knob.

Then it was as simple as drilling the hole and screwing in the knob. Simple change, big impact. (And yes that is a cat in the window if you look at the reflection. She loves being in photos)


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Knobs are a must have in my opinion. It definitely finished off the piece. Your bathroom is coming ALONG

  2. Little touches are so awesome, because they make a piece be yours alone! Love that Lezlee

  3. It's the little things that make the biggest difference! Your cabinets look great! Thanks for the tutorial!


  4. They look great!
    I'll be stopping by Target to check out the deals! I'm also blessed to have two 10 minutes from my house. It's dangerous actually.

  5. Those knobs are great! and what a difference just a few $$ can make

  6. Great job... I have to admit though, that your adorable kitty stole my attention!

  7. Love it - looks great. We have the exact same cabinets (just redid my bathroom and left them the orangy color - trying to convince my hubby painting will work and have even showed him your blog.) But, we had previously put on hardware although they didn't come with it. We also made our own guides and it worked really well. The kitchen cabinets are the same, but I got some higher-end wrought-iron knobs for those, which really make the cabinets look more expensive, even without covering the wood tone.

  8. We moved into our 4 year old house this past June, not one cabinet has a knob or handle, so that is a must do as funds permits it's amazing what a simple fix it is to add such a small thing and make it look like a big deal..


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