Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goodwill Finds

I picked up several goodies at Goodwill recently that I thought I'd share. Goodwill has been really hit or miss lately, but I finally stumbled across a few good finds.

First I grabbed two of these silver platters for $1. I think I see some chalkboard paint in their future. Another message board perhaps?

livingroomprojects 078

This little candleholder I snagged for $2. It still has the original Crate & Barrel sticker on the bottom. I have never been to a Crate & Barrel, but I'm sure this sucker originally cost much more.

livingroomprojects 075

These keys may look a bit gaudy now in gold, but I think some Heirloom White paint can fix that. Or should I go for the oil-rubbed bronze? I'll have to figure it out when the weather finally cooperates for spray painting.

livingroomprojects 081

Anyone else find any thrifty goodies lately?


  1. those keys are amazing!!! I vote for the bronze.

  2. It's hard to see the gold on the keys they rather look silver
    don't paint them...frame them
    how big are they
    they are wonderful...I would have arm wrestled you for those

  3. The keys are freaking fab! I vote bronze!

  4. So it looks bronze may be the way to go! They look sort of silvery in the photo, but they are really more of a bright gold. I like the idea of framing them though.

  5. Oh, you totally scored. And those keys ARE amazing. I say just hit them with a little bronze here and there and see how they look. You can always do more.


  6. I wish I could find some of those silver trays that cheap. My thrift store prices them too high! You've got some great finds! Thanks for dropping by!


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