Monday, January 25, 2010

My $3 Table Runner

My dining room was all decked out in holiday finery for the Christmas season with sparkling candles, pinecones, and ornaments. Now that all the Christmas decorations were put away, I needed some way to spruce up the table so it was not just a big, boring sea of wood.

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I searched through all the stores, but I just couldn't find a table runner that I liked at a price I wanted to pay. I finally decided that I should just create my own, even though I don't sew a stitch. So I headed to Joanns Fabrics and thanks to the extra 50% discount on red tag fabric, I found a green and white fabric I wanted that was reduced to $6 a yard. I picked up a half yard for three measly dollars.

I layered in on top of the white curtain that I had been using as a table runner. Then I simply hunted my ribbon stash and came up with this black and white strand of ribbon to add the final touch.

Here's a close up of the detail of the fabric. I should probably hem the sides or something at some point. For now I just used a pencil and a yard stick to draw a straight line on both sides and then cut along that line as straight as possible to get a cleaner look on the sides.

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I simply let the ribbon dangle off on the sides. So far that cats have not pulled it off.

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I added a vase I purchased at Sears (I love Land's End's products) and some silk flowers for a sweet and simple arrangement. So far I am loving the look and the price although I may take off the mercury glass candleholders for an even cleaner look.

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  1. that's really pretty! You could try some stitch witchery to iron your hems and anything else you don't want to sew. I've never used it, but I've heard of it a lot.

  2. Yes...stitch witchery is soooo awesome. Luv the ribbon idea!


  3. Gorgeous. I love your table too.....such a peacefilled room.

    Glad you could Mi4M :)

  4. Hi Sara. It turned out wonderful and who could beat that price. Love how it came together.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  5. WOW!! Simple, elegant, and EASY!

    You can view my DIY project here...

  6. The fabric you chose is gorgeous - and so are your chairs!

  7. Definitely an Eddie Ross project, very pretty. I love JoAnn's red tag fabrics.

  8. Oh nice! You could use Liquid Stitch (or whatever its called) to "sew" the edges of the fabric, and adhere the various components to one another. Truth be told, I used that to fix the hem of some dress pants which had come undone, and I still haven't sewn it - it's stayed well-adhered through several washings. Or, of course you could use an iron-on adhesive. Or hot glue. I'm sure I don't have to tell you about all the options.

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  10. I have the stuff you need to iron the ribbon on. If you want to come and do that this weekend. I like the look a lot. (I could sew it for you.) The two small candles I'm not liking as much though.
    love the 'sea of wood' description! That's what I have right now and it looked so nice at Christmas. I'll have to look in my stash of fabric ans see if there is something I can throw together.

  11. It's pretty! Great job!
    I also "don't sew a stitch", but my husband can, so I keep him busy making things for me. In fact, I had him make me a ticking stripe table runner recently. He's actually getting pretty good at his sewing capabilities. Thanks to me. :)
    Hope you have a great day!! Beth.

  12. Great idea - I love your dining room! One day I'll be able to put something like that together...

  13. It looks great! :) I like the detail with the ribbon. Thanks for the visit yesterday. I hope you will stop back by for the Decorating Dilemmas party. :)

  14. They look really good together. The color combination and flowers make the dining room look serene and relaxing.

  15. Good job, looks great! I love the pattern and color of the fabric.


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