Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Mini-Blinds into Roman Shade Transformation

After I turned cheap, plastic mini-blinds into a pretty fabric roman shade for our bathroom makeover, I was itching to create another one. Once you make one of these once, they are so easy to do over again.

Here's how my newest roman shade turned out in our laundry room. (Ignore the plastic hangers on the right side of the photo, please! I was having a lazy photographer moment.)

I followed the same basic instructions as before. This one was way quicker and easier to make because it was so much smaller than the huge 47" wide window I had to cover in our master bathroom! I also used thinner fabric. The thinner fabric was good because the fabric glue stuck to it much easier. The downside of that was that the glue actually went all the way through the fabric in a few places and the whole thing was stuck to the carpet underneath! Luckily, it came off without incident although I was freaking out for a minute thinking I had glued the whole thing to the carpet.

This fabric was another clearance find at Joann Fabrics. I'm pretty sure I only paid $2 for a yard of this fabric and I only used half of it so the project by itself cost me all of $1. I love when they have the extra 50% off the red tag fabric at Joanns. That is when I stock up. The blinds were already here when we bought the house so I didn't have to purchase those.

Have I mentioned that I still don't sew? Need to remedy that someday, but that is why that make fabric glue and iron on hemming tape. For people like me that are sewing machine deficient.

I won't reveal the rest of the laundry room, it's still a disaster!


  1. Impressive! I'm making four Roman blinds, following very precise and detailed instructions. Too bad I'm not so precise...Love your laundry room blind!

  2. i love this project! but i don't think my apt. manager would be very happy if changed all the blinds.

  3. I sooooo want ti try this! Thanks.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  4. I love roman blinds and never knew quite how to do them. Yours look great.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. They look great. I still need to try this. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  6. I love you for this!!! I have a house full of mini blinds which I refuse to dust because I don't like them anyway. I shop roman shades all the time, but will never part with the just made my day:)

    I'm talking coffee tables today if anyone feels like putting their feet up;)

  7. I think it's excellent and very creative. It looks great. Thanks for your detailed instructions.


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