Friday, February 5, 2010

Decorating with Cats

If you have kids, you know that decorating with them in mind brings about it's own set of challenges. You have to take care with breakables, make sure everything is washable, and watch out for things that are easily knocked over or swallowed, depending on their age group.

Well, decorating with pets brings about some similar issues. My dog will eat anything that's on the ground. My cats can scale to any height and knock anything onto the ground. Which the dog can then eat once it hits ground level. However, the cats can also act as "household helpers" in certain special situations.

Fur Duster(as opposed to a feather duster)-If you need to dust in high places, just send the cat up there. She will clean out all the dust bunnies from the nooks and crannies.

Wreath Sizer- Cats can let you know if your wreath requires more flowers or other ornamentation. You can also know that it's not too full if your cat can still sit inside it.

Ribbon Catcher-Just in case you drop your ribbon while working on a project, don't worry. A cat helper will be there to catch it for you. Just make sure to get it away from them quickly as they play the "finders keepers" game.

Fabric Inspector-Cats are also very capable of telling you if your fabric is the proper color and if it is durable enough. If it can survive cat claws and either repels or camouflages cat fur then you know you have a winner.

Christmas Tree Decorator-Now if only they would learn to string the lights.

Curtain Tester-Cats will be glad to show just how sheer your curtains are. Therefore, you can immediately know how much light will travel through the curtains even if you hang them after dark. I think he is also telling me here that my curtains are too short, oops!

Plumber-Although I think in this case he is the one causing the clog.

Basket Checker- This basket will officially hold at least one cat with room to spare. That makes it big enough for all your storage needs.

Decision Maker-You weren't really thinking of returning that comforter, right? That would mean putting it back in this plastic bag and the cat already filled it with cat fur and claimed it as hers. Guess you are keeping that comforter then. You really wanted it anyway, you just didn't like the price so much.

Search and Rescue- Are you trying to put that piece of furniture together, but seem to missing an important piece? You can send your cats to the very bottom of the box to hunt for that last missing screw.

Management- Cats can remind you not to spend too much time blogging or decorating that you neglect your other duties. The laundry does need to be put away someday.

Life Coach- Most of all cats can remind you that spending time and effort decorating or fixing up your house is important to you because you want a cozy, happy home that is your own special haven.


  1. That was the best!!!!!!!!!!!
    I laughed my head off
    I have three kitties...
    I know
    but how did you get such shots?
    you must have the camera in your hip pocket
    charged and ready
    ....the sink one!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I do always have my camera out and ready and my cats are always ready and willing to pose for me.

  3. I love this! I also have two cats who conspire together to harass me and my "decorating". They certainly help me keep my priorities in perspective, and I love them. I am currently trying to come up with cat-proof window coverings, got any ideas? p.s. I have the same pic of my cat in our sink. Adorable!

  4. Oh how adorable. My favorites: the plumber and search and rescue. I was laughing so hard my kids came running and then we all had fun looking at the pictures. Thanks so much.

  5. I love this post - and what great photos too (LOVE them in the laundry baskets - lol) - I have three cats that definitely 'help out' too!. :-)

  6. Haha, well said.

    Beautiful cats you have there and good shots. I needed that this morning because my cat is not in my good graces this morning. (He thinks he's an alarm clock sometimes.)

  7. Sing it sista! Might I add one? When cats are staring off into the distance, they are really pointing out the cobwebs you forgot to get rid of.

  8. I love it! I have one nosy cat that actually crawled into the broiler part of the oven while I was baking. One minute she was there and one minute she was not. She got singed whiskers out of the deal. I almost had a heart attack.

  9. Awww this was so cute and TRUE! We have three and they have to be involved in EVERYTHING. :)

  10. Great cute!

  11. You forgot about the puking. Or is that just MY cats? We are limited to bedding that is home-washer ready, and any upholstered seating must have removable cushion covers. Bleh.

    But no matter what a hassle they are and limiting to my design sensibilities, I wouldn't trade my four crazy felines for anything! (In fact, if The Mr. would let me, I would bring more home!)


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