Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Julie at Growing Your Grass Greener was so kind as to award me with the Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks so much for the honor!

As part of accepting the award,  I am supposed to list 5 things about me that others may not know and pass the award on to 5 other bloggers. So I guess it's time for me to open up and spill some of my deep, dark, secrets. Ok, I don't really have any, but here's what I came up with:

1. I started dating my husband when I was only 17.

2. I don't really like chocolate all that much. (That's the shocker one!) I can only handle it in very small doses and I'd rather have a bowl of fruit instead. Please don't hate me!

3. I have a weird fear of heights. I can handle being way up in the mountains and driving along a narrow road with no guardrail, but if I get above the second step on a ladder I get freaked out.

4. I scored a 33 out of 36 on my ACT in high school. Not to brag or anything. Hope you still like me after confessing that and my feelings on chocolate.

5. I was in colorguard all through high school so I guess you could call me a band geek. Even though I can't play a note, I can twirl a flag.

And now to pass along the award. I'm awarding it to five blogs I recently discovered:

1. Domestically Yours for her Pottery Barn inspired pillows
2. Thrifty Little Blog for her budget friendly room transformations.
3. The Domestic Chick for her fun Valentine's Day decor.
4. Old and Wiser for her kitchen soffit update.
5. Smashed Peas and Carrots for her Valentine's Day wreath tutorial. (Extra bonus for the blog name!)


  1. Thank you so much! I will gladly add your blog to my blog roll for the sweet award and the great blog you have here. I will also nominate and share the information. What a day brightener!

  2. Congrats on your award! I was a Colorguard chick ;).

  3. Lucky you... who knows what kind of shape I'd be in if I wasn't addicted to chocolate!

    Thanks for the award; I'll be sure to give your blog a shout-out this week :).

  4. Thanks so much for the award, I am honored that you thought of me and also like my blog name! Love that you met your husband at 17, I always think it's so cool when couples have known each other for so long!!!

  5. An award? Aw shucks. Thanks for the mention.

    (no chocolate? I think it's overrated, but I've been known to indulge a time or two. Or twenty. HA!)


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