Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Crafts and Decor

I don't normally decorate for Valentine's Day. It just doesn't have quite the excitement as decorating for other big holidays like Christmas. Mr. Delightful and I don't even really officially celebrate Valentine's Day or give each other gifts on February 14. However, I kept seeing all the cute and fun craft projects that other bloggers were creating for this day of love. After I decorated the "love mailbox", I was inspired to keep the heart filled projects going.

Armed with my crafting BFF, Mr. Cricut and I quickly whipped up a few little projects to spread a little romance and fun throughout the house.

Emma also "helped" as you can see here. I think I have to add "craft assistant" or "paperweight" to my post about Decorating with Cats.

The first project involved something to dress up the front door. I had the wreath I picked up on clearance from Target hanging on the door. It was looking a little lonely so I used the Storybook cartridge to cut out a heart with the Cricut. I used some ribbon to attach the paper heart to the wreath. I think it looks quite festive now.

I continued to rummage through my scrapbook paper scrap paper stash (say that ten times fast.) I picked out some coordinating paper scraps to create a little art project. I once again utilized the power of the Cricut to cut out another intricate heart and some letters to spell out a familiar Valentine's Day phrase. I created the lace border on the lighter colored paper using a Martha Stewart border punch. The frame is one I spray painted last year and used at Christmas to display the bird art I created then.

Here's how it looks on the mantel.

I had another frame leftover from Christmas crafting that was just waiting to be filled. I used some more paper scraps and one more Cricut heart to make this little art scene to display in the dining room.

My final art project of the day is a little romantic project courtesey of Martha Stewart and cupid. I used this template from her website to print out a fun little craft. It requires some cutting and assembly, but it makes a cute spinning wheel that rotates to show different phrases. The photo below displays the saying "you are my" followed by a picture of a sunshine if you look at the box across from it.

So now our home has a few simple touches to reflect on our love for each other.




  1. Gah! I need a Cricut so badly. I love what you've created, and the heart on the wreath is the perfect touch.

  2. i love everything! I really like the key you have framed on the mantel - did you use your cricut for that? if so, which cartridge?

  3. I'm totally jealous of your Cricut- your decor is great!

  4. Just lovely. I especially like the last one.

  5. everything is beautiful... i love the wreath!
    don't you just love the cricut... i often wonder how i survived without it!

    have a great day

  6. The key on the mantel I found at Hobby Lobby for 90% off.

  7. Gotta love the Cricut! I was using my sisters. I have to get one of my own. Your projects look wonderful!


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