Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday Freebies

My birthday was last week and one great thing about having a birthday is all the free stuff you can get. I'm not just talking about gifts from friends and relatives, but gifts from many restaurants. So I though I'd share the best restaurants with birthday clubs you can sign up for online and get free stuff/coupons. Most places will e-mail you the coupons a week before your birthday and they are good until a week after your birthday, so you have 2 weeks to fill up on free food. After all the eating out we've been doing the past couple weeks, I may need to up my workout routine! (Birthday calories don't really count though, right?

Red Robin-free gourmet burger. They will also sometimes give you a free ice cream sundae when they find out it's your birthday. The Whiskey River BBQ burger is my favorite. Onion straws and barbeque sauce, pure awesomeness.

Houlihan's-free entree. This is a great one because their food is soooo good, but a little pricey. I always get the stuffed chicken that I normally wouldn't pay $16 for, but it's great when it's free!

Noodles and Company- free dish. I love the buttered egg noodles with parmesan chicken. Yum. They also send other coupons out occasionally.

Ruby Tuesday- free burger coupon. They also send out buy one, get one free coupons on a regular basis.

Cold Stone Creamery-free like it sized ice cream + mix in. Good luck choosing a flavor.

Maggie Moos-free ice cream cone. And this is a massive ice cream cone, great for sharing. They also recently sent a coupon for a free milkshake. Also big enough to share. Cheesecake ice cream + snickers = perfect bliss

Sonic - free tator tots, cream slush, or drink

Culver's - free sundae. If you are tired of ice cream by now, this is custard so it's different. Just remember birthday calories don't count.

Fazoli's- free dessert

Chili's - yet another free dessert

Logan's Roadhouse- you guessed it, more free dessert!

Those are the best freebies, here is a loooong list of BIRTHDAY FREEBIES from STLMommy of all the places offering coupons for $$ off, free dessert, free appetizers, or free kid's meals. Happy eating!


  1. With all those freebies I would gain 20 pounds! Ohhhhhhhhhh, but I love Houlihans!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Sarah! I didn't know you could get all those free things for your birthday. And no, birthday calories don't count! :)


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