Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Dose of the Crazy Spray Paint Lady

I think my neighbors think we are weird. We try and keep our house and yard all nice and pretty, but we do have some strange habits. Like the fact that I spray paint stuff in my front yard. A lot of stuff. The neighbors that are out walking their dogs just give me some odd looks and continue on by. I once had a Jehovah's Witness try to talk to me while I was perched on a ladder spray painting our exterior lights. I think she thought I was a bit on the strange side too.

Either way, I was so glad the weatherman was wrong this weekend. They predicted snow and temps in the 30s. It was 53 degrees and sunny on Saturday. Prime spray painting weather and I took advantage of it even if the neighbors think I'm not normal.

Remember these gold keys I found at Goodwill? They are no longer gold.

These silver $1 platters are a different color now too.

See the metal art thing over the bed? It's in the middle of its own transformation brought about by the wonders of spray paint.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but the two frames around the paintings were two different shades of white. Now they are both the same Heirloom White color.

I'll have some upcoming posts revealing what these objects look after their new coat of spray paint. Even if it makes me crazy.


  1. spray paint and jeeps you two are made for each other. :)

  2. Where did you get your bedding? I love it!

  3. The bedding is from Target, it is their Shabby Chic bedding.


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