Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home Goods Goodies

Our nearest Home Goods store is over 30 miles away. I really wish they would open one up closer, because I really enjoy shopping there. They have so many fun things and all at cheap prices. During a recent trip there, I picked up several fun items that I thought I would share.

The first item that ended up in my cart was this pretty little bowl. It was in the clearance section for $3. I can always use decorative bowls to try and contain clutter. I love the intricate design in the center.

My next find was this hanging lantern. The bottom unscrews and can hold a candle. I probably will just set it somewhere as opposed to hanging it. Mr. Delighful Dwelling thought it was weird looking and just didn't get it. I'm sure my blog readers will understand its hidden beauty though. Or am I just crazy for liking it?

One of my favorite finds of the day was this $6 vase. It goes perfectly in my kitchen and looks so pretty holding fresh flowers.

That vase is resting on my final purchase of the day, the table runner. The gorgeous detail of the design and the neutral colors really caught my eye. It is also just plain on the back so I can always flip it over if I decide the pattern looks too busy. Now I just need a crisp, white table underneath instead of my yellowish oak table. I'm keeping my eyes open for one at the local thrift stores for a round table because I think it would look better and work much nicer in the space than the rectangle table I have now.


  1. The hanging lantern is actually my favorite thing!! What does Mr. Delightful Dwelling know? That silly boy!!!

  2. you found some great pieces!! I wanna go to homegoods - stupid blizzard, I'm sutck in the house.
    I love the lantern, I think when when Mr. DD sees all those beads sparkling from the candle, he will get it.

  3. Great finds! If you check out my website, you can read about my Home Goods story from a week or so ago. I just found out that HG is opening soon just 2 miles from my home!!! YIPEE!


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