Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cheap Christmas Bird Art

Thanksgiving is over, the tree is up and decorated, and now it's time to start being Christmas crafty. Time to break out the glue gun and glitter. I have a whole list of craft projects I want to try. Several of them are ones I didn't get around to last year. This year I'm determined to make some type of crafty progress each night while watching NCIS and Wheel of Fortune. I would include Smallville in that list, but there are no new episodes until January. (The torture!)

With the help of furry assistant number one, I completed one of those crafts. I think he liked this one because it involves little birds.

crafts 051

Here are two super easy cutesy art projects I whipped together before Vanna revealed the final puzzle.  Best of all they didn't cost me a dime. I was able to pull out all the supplies from that endless scrapbooking stash I have. Both frames were old ones that were gold and blue at one time before they had their coating of Heirloom White paint a few months ago.

crafts 053

The first piece of art is simply cut from a sheet of Christmas scrapbook paper by SEI that I bought at Archiver's. It's one of those two sided papers and the bird is fuzzy which makes is super expensive for a piece of paper, so I think it was $1.79 a sheet. I had a giftcard so it was free for me. I cropped the paper a little too close to his head on the top.

crafts 056

For the second frame I used these SEI wintersong die cuts along with some other die cuts I had left over from last year. They are very pretty and all glittery.

crafts 066

I chose two of the birds from the SEI package while the star and holly branch are ones I had left from last Christmas. The sparkly "Joy" is a Making Memories rub on that I bought 2 or 3 years ago. The paper background is a scrap I had from previous scrapbooking projects.

crafts 064

Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to display them. One project done, a huge list of projects to go!

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  1. Love what you did. Hmmmm, that sparks an idea. I have a ton, and I mean a Ton of scrapbook paper to choose from. Oh ya, and I have alot of frames just waiting for some of that heirloom white paint.

    {Gotta go get crafting}

    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Can you say ADORABLE! You have done such a great job and I love, love, love your color selection. Can't wait to see more of your christmas crafts. You know if you run out of show to watch just pop in a could Christmas DVD's, then you'll have LOTS of time to craft and LOTS of great idea's to share with us.

  3. very pretty! your furry assistant #1 looks just like my Matt Dillon.

  4. How pretty! I have yet to use scrapbook paper but I'm certainly going to be looking to pick some up. These pictures are so beautiful for the holiday. How great to have ones for the seasons and all holidays! Great tip, thanks for sharing.


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