Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ballard Designs Look Alike For Less

I had been wanting a mirror for my dining room for about 2 years or so. But I'm cheap so I never bought one. I found this mirror several weeks ago at Old Time Pottery. (I know, yet another OTP find. What am I going to do when they close?) This one was priced at $29.99, which seemed too much for my cheap brain. I left it in the store, but I kept thinking about it. Picturing how it would look at the wall. Wondering if I would ever find another one like it. After a week or so of thinking, I finally went back and bought it. Here she is fitting perfectly on my dining room wall between the two little shelves that were already on the wall.

crafts 190

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I received a Ballard Designs catalog in the mail last week. While flipping through the glorious pages of overpriced goodies, I came across the image below.

Wow, that looks familiar. Guess the price tag on their version? $199 for the pair. That's $99.50 per mirror. Quite a bit more than my $29.99 find that seems to be a bit of a bargain now.

crafts 188

Yep, I adore that mirror. It really helps to bounce some extra light around the room because the doors to the deck are on the wall directly opposite the mirror. I now think it is well worth the $29.99.


  1. Hi Sara -- Way to go on the mirrors! Good score. Thanks for your nice comment on our lamp-base trees last week. Sorry to be slow in responding. Seems like life is on fast foward since Thanksgiving. Come see me again. xo

  2. That was an awesome deal! It looks exactly like the Ballard mirror! You did good. :)
    Have a great day! Beth.

  3. Score!! That is a fabulous mirror, and I know you are sad about one of your favorite stores closing. Maybe you will be able to get some good clearance deals during their liquidation. Happy Holidays!

  4. Love the mirror... I didn't know they were going out of business! I am going to have to head over to our local store.

  5. Not all the Old Time Pottery stores are closing, just some of them are. Ours happens to be one of the ones closing and they are having a liquidation sale. =(


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