Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hitting the After Christmas Sales

Although it can be a little bit of letdown after all the fun and festivities of Christmas are over, there is one nice thing about the week after Christmas. That nice thing is the hunt for all the bargains you can find. I was given several giftcards for Christmas, including Michael's and Target. So I decided to see what goodies I could find and here is what I purchased.

Michael's had all these beautiful mercury glass style candleholders for 60% off so I had to grab a few of those. I also purchased several of these berry picks (ok, I bought all that they had) since they were only 16 cents each. I think I ended up buying 25 of them in different colors. They are so pretty I think I will try and use them year round.

crafts 631

Target was the next destination. I am lucky in that our Michael's and Target are right next to each other.

My first Target find was this lovely wood curl wreath. I had been admiring these wreaths at Target for awhile, but it wasn't until they were marked down to $4.98 that I finally put one in my shopping cart. I managed to pick the very last one off the rack. It is missing a couple curls that are broken off, but they are in the back so they shouldn't be too noticeable.
crafts 639

I also managed to buy the last one of these glittery bottle brush trees. It was only $3.50. Even though Christmas is over, I had to set him in our hall bathroom for a few days to add just a little bit of festive fun before all the decorations are packed away for next year.

crafts 630

My final Target Christmas clearance find was this package of ornaments. They were only $3 for 24 ornaments and I loved the different shapes and the red and white colors. I'm still hoping to put up two trees next year so I can have one that is all red and white, but we'll see.

crafts 635

Has anyone else found any great after Christmas bargains? I also picked up some ribbon and giftwrap, but I didn't think those were exciting enough to photograph and post.


  1. Boy, could I learn a few tricks from you
    I bought my mercury candle holder..full price at TJMAXX...$14....!
    I'm almost Chritmased out....don't know if this old dog could last through the crowds and anything green or red

  2. I went to our local thift store's $3.00 a bag room. I found and was able to stuff into a grocery sized bag: 1 table lamp for our shabby chic front porch seating area, 1 round table cloth (Macy tag still on) for our patio table, 1 wooden Santa, 1 10" cloth Santa ($25.00 price tag on bottom), 2 ceramic tiles in white with "Hope" and "Faith" in silver, and 1 leather bound book (the only one from an old encylopedia set) that I will remake next Halloween ala "Joys of Home" for a potions book.

  3. Wow Gale, you found a lot! I wish we had thrift stores like that around here.


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