Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ornament Wreath and Fave Store Closing

I have to start this post with a bit of sadness. I'm feeling a little bummed because one of my favorite sources for inexpensive home decor is shutting the doors of the store near my house. That store is Old Time Pottery. I learned a few days ago that they are closing several stores and ours happened to be one of them.  In fact, this wreath I'm about to present was made possible with supplies purchased there. They were even cheaper because they have already started their liquidation sales. I will be very sad to see them leave and will miss all the bargain goodies I could find there.  =(

Now on to the regular blogging:

After looking at all the lovely ornament wreaths that all you crafty bloggers out there were creating, I finally had to make one of my own once I read all the tutorials and tips on how to easily make one. And it was pretty easy, just takes a little bit of time. (Not quite as time consuming as the other wreath I made this weekend though, check back tomorrow for that one!)

Here's the finished product hanging happily on my wall.

crafts 121

These wreaths are fairly basic to make, but be prepared for the number of ornaments you will need. A lot is the number. I bought several tubes of cheap ornaments at Dollar Tree. I bought $5 worth of ornaments and each tube had either 10, 12, or 15 ornaments in them. I had a few leftover because the tops broke during the process so I probably used over 50 ornaments which ended up being a bit short.

crafts 047

One tip I read about on several blogs was to hot glue the tops onto the ornaments. Do this. It will take a few extra minutes. Ok probably more like an extra 30 minutes, but it will keep the tops from popping off while you squish the ornaments tight together.

crafts 118

Now for the form for the wreath. Most bloggers have been using wire coat hangers bended into the shape of a circle. I happened to find this little wreath at Old Time Pottery for $1.39. It has a skinny greenery wreath attached to a metal wire wreath form. It was the only one left or I would have snapped up several of these.

crafts 116

I would have bought several because when you removed the greenery and snip the top of the wire you get this:
crafts 117

A perfect circle just waiting for decoration! Plus you have some greenery left over to decorate other stuff with. After gluing all the ornament tops on, I began slipping them over the wire. I alternated between small and large ornaments and mixed the different colors and textures to provide a good mixture. Once I ran out of ornaments I twisted the wire together at the top to close it. Since I ended up running a bit short on ornaments, I added this little bird and greenery pick to the top of the wreath to fill in the gap.

crafts 127

Add a bow at the top and a ribbon for hanging and one ornament wreath coming right up. All for a cost of less than $7 compared to the $20 or more for one purchased already made.

crafts 125

crafts 124

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  1. I love red and gold and wreaths....very pretty
    oh and I like ornaments too
    good job

  2. It's beautiful!! You are so crafty! :)
    Have a great day. Beth.

  3. Oh my goodness girl what amazing use of color. You must join up in the Ornament Party today, all must share your creativity ! Great tutorial. Come on over and link up !

    Ms. Kate

  4. great job using that former wreath form! Looks much easier than the coat hanger so many people are fussing with!
    your wreath looks great!

  5. I found it difficult to use the wire hanger, and instead used a foam wreath I got at the dollar store. Love the colors!

  6. Cute wreath! I got worried when I saw your OTP store was closing. I love OTP! Just checked to see what I could find, and it looks like our store is OK for now. Whew!

  7. I am still sad about losing OTP. I read that they filed for Chapter 11 several months ago and are closing 7 stores I think.


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