Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY Ribbon Wreath

I saw this ribbon wreath at The Long Thread blog and thought it looked like an easy way to make a pretty wreath. It was not as quick or easy as I thought it would be and my attempt did not turn out quite as nice, but here it is:

crafts 107

If you want to make one similar, just a warning. You will need many yards of ribbon. Probably 25 yards I would guess. I used at least 60, maybe more like 70 pieces of ribbon on mine. Each piece was about 14" long. I would recommend at least 14" length strips of ribbon so that you can easily tie a nice, tight knot around your wreath form. I used a 10" foam form I bought at Dollar Tree.

First step, cut many, many pieces of ribbon. Having a cat to help count can help. Except when the cat drags the ribbon away from you. I probably didn't use the best kind of ribbon. It was a bit slippery and not as wide as I wanted. I happened to find the roll of 100 yards of ribbon for $9 so that is what I ended up using.

crafts 096

Next, start to tie each piece around the wreath form and make a tight knot. It doesn't matter how you tie the ribbon, just keep it consistant. You want the knots to go the same direction. I went right over left and pulled it tight.
crafts 090

Keep tying the knots around and around and pulling them tight against each other to hide the wreath form. When you are done it will look a bit scary. A bit like a Medusa wreath. I was a bit skeptical that mine would ever turn out decent by this point, but I was too far into it to turn back.

crafts 098

The next step is to pull out the scissors and give the ribbon a good trimming. Carefully trim around the wreath and try to keep the ribbon pieces roughly the same length. After probably a good hour of ribbon trimming, it turned out looking much better. My fingers were a bit sore from tying so many knots though!

crafts 108

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  1. Wow! I can't even imagine tying all those knots! I like your blog & may be trying a few of your projects! Thanks for stopping by my blog- the book wreath was fun, but time-consuming.

  2. Why I think you have too much time on your hands! But it is very cute....but was it worth all the effort? But creative things are usually worth the expression of it aren't they?
    I remember doing such things when I was church bazaars and such...and it was so fun
    now I just buy one...yeah,old age has set in

  3. I'm not surprised your fingers were sore! That's a lot of knots! Your wreath turned out great.

  4. Very cute!!! :) Love all that red. :) Thanks for the visit!

  5. Hey, your ornament wreath is very cute too! Good job. Love that kitty in your first post. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love this wreath so much!!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! So nice to meet you!


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