Sunday, November 15, 2009

Summoning My Inner Martha

I have several crafts and projects from the weekend to post about in the coming days. I was seriously getting in touch with my inner Martha Stewart the past couple days. (Except for the whole illegal activities and jail thing.) But you must admit that she is the queen of craftiness. I was browsing on her website the other day and I came across some beautiful printable templates. One of them was this gorgeous cone favor design. They are available in different colors and you could also easily copy them into work or photoshop and change the colors if you needed something different. I had a Martha like moment when I realized that they would make adorable cornucopia like favors for the Thanksgiving brunch we host at our house.

So I printed out a bunch of them and cut them out so they looked like this.

crafts 189

Then I used some craft glue spread in a line along one edge and rolled them up into cone shapes. It was a little tricky to roll them up without getting glue everywhere. So I did get glue everywhere, even on the nosy cat who tried to "help". But they ended up mostly neatly rolled. Or close enough.

crafts 190

Then it was time to break out the goodies to put in the cones. I wrapped two chocolates in white tissue paper and tied the paper closed with white ribbon. Since I don't like chocolate all that much I wasn't too tempted to eat any and all the pieces managed to make it into the favors safely. (If they were Snickers or Nestle Turtles they would be in danger though, I do have a weakness for those.)

crafts 286

I stuffed the candy packets inside the cones and voila! Super easy and pretty favors for any occasion.

crafts 288

crafts 290

Even Martha would be proud, don't you think?

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