Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Tree Paintings Get New Frames

I had several unused picture frames laying around. They were unused because I didn't like the color of them anymore. That is a problem that is easily remedied with my dear old friend Mr. Spray Paint. Mr. Spray Paint and I like to get together on the weekends to turn trash into treasure.  I used two different paints, Rustoleum's Heirloom White and Krylon's glossy white.

Here's the first frame, the gold one. (I also painted the blue frame white, but I haven't used it for anything yet so that's a reveal for another day.)

kitchen 075

This frame got the Heirloom White touch. I used it to frame a painting my brother-in-law made for us. He's an art major so every once in a while he will give us something really cool that he created.

crafts 263

I had a blogging brain drain and completely forgot to snap a before photo of the next frame. Imagine a dark silvery gray color. More gray than silver. With a few nicks and scratches. Just kinda bleh.

Spray paint to the rescue! (They should put a big "S" on the can like Superman's logo since spray paint can save so many things that would otherwise be junk!)

Here it is in all it's white loveliness. My hubby painted this picture. He paints cute trees. Doesn't it just look like a happy tree? Like Bob Ross used to say while he was painting? (Bob Ross was so neat, I grew up watching him paint on PBS. Who else do you know that can complete a pretty painting in 26 minutes)

crafts 253

As soon as I fill up the other frames I painted I will show how those turned out too.


  1. I love how they look now. White paint makes so much difference. They look great!


  2. I love the shape of those frames. I am a sucker for swirlies and curves. They are so feminine.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. You asked abt the necklaces. I took both apart and on the 1st one I took off all the large beads and added more sparkley clear beads. On the red and black one I took a chain necklace apart and alternated the black and red beads with the chain.
    I love your frames - isn't spray paint a wonderful thing!

  4. Isn't spray paint wonderful!! Thanks for commenting on my blog - comments are so encouraging. I have a daughter who is in engineering and married to a wonderful man with some furbabies! So reading your blog felt like "home". Keep it up! I like to say I was "green" long before it became popular - I had to be!!

  5. cute! i love those little fruits in the picture!!

  6. I love those frames in a nice fresh white. It makes me smile when I know I can transform a piece with a little paint. :) I am VERY late returning visits, but I wanted to say thank you for stopping by the other day. :)

  7. The frames look soooo much better. It's amazing what a little paint will do.

    I like buying plain frames and adding my own touch.

  8. I LOVE the frames white ( my motto is "when in doubt, paint it out) and I loved Bob Ross.......your husband's tree is just as "happy" as his were ;-)

    Thanks for checking out my blog.


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