Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Colorado Scrapbooking

When I originally started this blog I thought I would be posting mostly scrapbook pages with some home decor and DIY projects mixed in. Well it ended up being the other way around as I realized how much fun decorating and home projects can be. I used to craft and create projects all the time. Then I switched to mostly scrapbooking. I think I have developed a nice balance right now of the two although my scrapbooking has been a little light this year. I have been working like crazy on trying to get a scrapbook completed of our photos from our Colorado vacation. (See posts about our trip here). I would like to have it finished by Thanksgiving to share with friends and family.

I have a few pages to show now. I know these would be easier to see and much more crisp if I scanned them instead of taking photos. However, I don't have a 12x12 scanner so I have to scan each page twice and stitch them together and it is just very time consuming. So photos of my layouts are what you get.

Almost all of these layouts are using 4x6 photos cropped to various sizes. I print some photos out on my computer in order to get larger and smaller print sizes, however, it is so much cheaper and easier to just order 4x6 photos from Snapfish or Shutterfly. (I like Shutterfly's quality a tad better, but Snapfish is cheaper.)

This one is from our trip up Saxon Mountain outside Georgetown.

scrapbookn 023

scrapbookn 021

scrapbookn 022

This one is about our hike to Copeland Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park.

scrapbookn 030

scrapbookn 028

scrapbookn 032

This final layout shows a stream and waterfall we discovered outside the ghost town of St.Elmo. I used my Martha Stewart border punch for the lace design on the top. I love that punch! The flourish in the bottom left was cut out using my Cricut.

scrapbookn 043

I have another round of scrapbooking layouts for my Colorado album to post later. Are there any other scrapbookers out there? I love looking at scrapbooking blogs too.

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  1. Your scrapbook pages look amazing! I'm sure everyone will love to look at them at Thanksgiving too!


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