Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kitchen Curtains Through the Ages

Long, long ago. A whole 4-1/2 years ago. That's when moved into this house and I put up these white sheer curtains and painted the walls yellow. That lasted about 4 years. The last 2 of those years I was slowly changing my mind on the colors I wanted in here as well as figuring out what curtains to use on that bay window. I take a very long time to make a decision about pretty much everything.

Then this summer I painted the walls a more neutral color. It does still have a gold tone, but it's much more of a tan. It always looks more yellow in photos than it really is in real life. I also changed out the wall decor, bought a new light fixture, and of course changed the curtains. But I just wasn't sure if I liked the white roll up curtains. They just weren't quite right and the white didn't seem to match well with the off-white wooden blinds.
kitchen2 004

falltrip2009 015

So after having them hanging up there for 2 months, I decided to return them to Target and buy these valances instead. I like them much better. The lighting is horrible, but the valances are a soft gold color that matches the tone of the walls quite well. I think it gives it a much softer look compared to the white curtains before that seemed to scream for attention.
kitchen 089

Again, the wall color is not as yellow as it look.s The tan paint spot on the ceiling above the bay window is exactly how it appears though. Really need to fix that someday.

kitchen 092

kitchen 099

I love the little trim detail on the edge. I also love the scalloped edge as opposed to just a flat edge along the bottom. I think I finally may have found curtains I like for this window. Maybe. I'm still deciding. But I think I'm 75% sure these are the ones.
kitchen 098

What do you think? Please give me your opinion even if you think they are hideous.
I'll still like you, I promise.


  1. I admit, I like the second set of curtains best, but I also had that same style in my old place so maybe I'm biased :) I also noticed that you switched out the light fixture, you did a great job with that. Love the new chandelier.

  2. I think I like the tie up curtains better, but you're right. They might not be quite right for the space. Those bay windows are tricky to work with, aren't they? Maybe you could raise your curtain rod higher and wider and install some simple white semi-sheers on drapery hooks, framing each of the windows, making sure the fabric goes all the way to the floor. I also like the idea of inside mount cafe curtains in each of the windows, or curtain panels on each side of the windows and pretty roman or roll up shades in each of the windows. Do some research, and you will find the "perfect" treatments for your difficult windows!

    I am the same way with choosing things. It takes me FOREVER to get it just right! My husband gets so frustrated with me when I get something new, declare it "perfect", then two months later, I hate it and want to change it. But sometimes it just takes us a little time for us women with decorating ADD to get things right! :)

    Hope you have a great day! Beth.

  3. Hi Sara. Young House Love has an amazing bay window makeover on their blog that I think you should check out. Just go to their site and search "Email answers: It's curtains for you", then scroll down until you find the post. Scroll down a few questions, and you will find the bay window question, and the makeover. Just thought I'd let you know. OK, I'll leave you alone now. :) Beth.

  4. I agree, white wasn't doing it. And I love the new curtains, the style, the color, it all works much better.

    I love reading decorating blogs! I haven't seen yours before now, into my reader you go! Yay!

  5. I knew you'd be afraid of the darker colors. Oh well, But I think you need depth
    and richness
    The problem with the light may be the height of it
    I believe a chandelier's bottom should be 36 inches from the top of the table
    I know you hate my comments
    but thanks for letting me have my say
    I still think black cabinets would be so sophisticated with nickel handles
    sorry, I'll shut up

  6. Correction on chandelier height
    If open arms see through 28-32 inches

  7. am i too late to give my opinion? lol
    i don't like them. i think they have an eighties feel/look to them. too shiny. too wavy. i don't know.

    i think it would be gorgeous with a straight look, no pleating or gathering. i dunno. maybe it's just me. lol

    i'm prolly too late to comment on this anyway but i just got to reading one post after another and here i am! in november! lol


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