Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kohl's Clearance Finds

I'm a fairly regular Kohl's shopper. I love their clearance sections and combined with the coupons I get all the time for having a Kohl's card, I can come up with some pretty good deals. I went there this weekend and picked up several shirts for the hubby at 80% along with some other clothes for me. I also found a couple fun accessories for the house.

First I bought this pretty little pillow. It was marked down 80%. It is the final pillow I needed as a grand topper for the bed. Of course hubby grumbled about it a little bit. "What does this make 9 pillows on the bed?" he said. "No dear, it's only 7 and we do use some of them for sleeping."

kitchen2 014

I think it matches very nicely with the comforter and our new IKEA curtains. These were only $24.99 for the pair and they were long enough that they could hang above our round window. It's very hard to find cheap, long curtains.

kitchen2 016

The other fun find is this lovely mosiac candleholder. It was also 80% off. I thought the colors with nice with our newly spruced up bathroom. Even my little seagull friend seems to agree.

kitchen2 010

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  1. Amazing finds.!! I am in love with this pretty little pillow. 80% off sounds great. Well, I am too a fairly regular Kohl's shopper.


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